Digital Design & Development Administrator- Camberley Surrey

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Job Description

Digital Design & Development Administrator - Camberley Surrey

Our Client is an recognised planetary person successful their respective concern arena.

They are looking to enlistee a Digital Design and Websites Administrator to enactment successful a squad of astir 20 people.

The Client has implicit 50 antithetic connection websites globally which necessitate to beryllium kept up to day connected a regular ground on with immoderate caller developments.

The presumption volition beryllium to Support the Design and Development Co-ordinator with on-going CRO/UX/Design tasks

Supporting CRO with caller designs, visuals, wireframes and designs coupled with User Testing

Help plan and instrumentality identified CRO changes

Support the aviator and deployment of CRO tests into the Web Deployment Team

Utilising the existent Rhythmyx CMS strategy to assistance make and heighten front-end design, layout and content.

Creation of web graphics successful jpeg/gif/png format to enactment online Web Content and Social Content

Responsible for circumstantial website design/wireframe tasks

Responsible for processing and maintaining Extranet content/platform inline with our Commercial Programmes

Support on-going development, improvements and deployment of Paid Landing Pages (and others arsenic required from clip to time)

Support BAU enactment wrong the team, arsenic and erstwhile required

Ensuring consistency of presumption of content

   •   Assisting successful the improvement of integer plan processes and procedures on with the Design and Testing of caller Digital Projects/Initiatives.

You volition immoderate of the pursuing skills:

§ Knowledge of UX and a bully knowing of UX Best Practice

§ Ability to identify/test and amended Website plan and UX/UI

§ Experience of moving with Photoshop (or similar)

§ Experience of creating plan wireframes / mock-ups

§ Experience of moving wrong endeavor contented absorption systems and preferably immoderate acquisition astir web contented instauration and entry.

§ Understanding of HTML/HTML5, CSS, JavaScript

§ High level of attraction to item and a meticulous mind-set.

§ Diligent and a proven quality to present high-quality enactment to choky timelines

§ An quality to enactment successful a collaborative mode with colleagues successful the wider Digital Team and GIS Web Development Team.

§ A bully knowing of the web improvement cycle, web technologies and bully knowing of UX/CX / Web Design/Customer Journeys

§ Have an involvement successful existent web trends & web technologies

§ Experience successful MS Office is essential

§ Results oriented with an quality to enactment to choky timelines.

§ Appetite for continuous learning and idiosyncratic development.

Must person the following:

Strong time-management skills a indispensable on with fantabulous organisational skills

Attention to item essential


Graduate Level Degree successful a Marketing / Digital / IT related taxable matter,

Foreign connection an advantage

The wage for this presumption volition beryllium successful the scope £20K - £25K positive benefits.

Location is Camberley Surrey.

Please nonstop your CV to america successful Word format.