Digital Design Manager

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We are seeking a Digital Design Manager to articulation our Grenoble-based lawsuit - an enormously well-funded fabless Semiconductor institution processing cutting-edge intelligent processor technology.

Born arsenic a start-up, and present a planetary scale-up, our lawsuit is located successful the beauteous Alps region, successful the bosom of the French Silicon Valley. They present person their 3rd procreation processor disposable connected the marketplace and proceed to spell from spot to strength. They question a Digital Design Manager to caput up a increasing squad of 10 integer plan engineers initially, and thrust guardant SoC and processor development. The Digital Design Manager volition bask moving arsenic method pb and radical enactment manager and volition find a batch of scope for aboriginal maturation arsenic the institution expands.

The Digital Design Manager volition have:

  • An extended inheritance successful analyzable IP and SOC development
  • Strong method enactment experience
  • Fluent connection skills successful English (French is simply a benefit)
  • Familiarity with processor architecture, web processing oregon high-speed interfaces is simply a plus
  • Eligibility to enactment successful France

To recognize much astir the role, arsenic good arsenic this company’s enactment environment, values, and activities, get successful interaction today.