Digital Employer & Stakeholder Product Lead

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As the Digital Employer & Stakeholder Product Lead, you volition assistance negociate the integer acquisition for strategical clients. You volition lend to caller leader experiences, aligning it to the Capita pensions integer strategy and identifying gaps to assistance execute challenging result targets, gathering integer assets for strategical lawsuit users and their stakeholders. You volition beryllium a cardinal portion of the caller integer level transportation for employers and stakeholders. Your responsibilities volition see developing, launching, and improving integer products. You volition enactment intimately with the Pensions Product Solutions Team and plan principles positive wider cross-functional teams specified arsenic designers, developers, operational and engagement teams to guarantee that the merchandise meets the needs of its users and achieves its concern objectives. You whitethorn besides beryllium expected to negociate a integer engagement enforcement to assistance with the transportation of the caller level modulation and the day-to-day enactment erstwhile into BAU. Additionally, you'll enactment intimately with the Senior Digital Product Lead and Head of Employer Relations to play a cardinal relation wrong the integer merchandise transportation process.

As the Digital Employer & Stakeholder Product Lead, you'll beryllium expected to enactment intimately with strategical clients and recognize their circumstantial integer needs and beryllium capable to prioritise these needs to pass the roadmap. You volition besides collaborate with the program, operational and engagement teams successful this role. You volition beryllium an enabler for the engagement squad by knowing their goals and delivering solutions with IT to cater to areas specified arsenic personalisation, segmentation, automated communications, contented management, lawsuit management, email and SMS tools, campaign-specific web developments, and web chat. This volition empower their squad to present the leader and stakeholder engagement plans.

What you volition do:

    '€¢Work collaboratively with the wider Digital Product Solutions Team operating wrong Design standards and aligning strategies '€¢Working intimately with the Head of Employer Relations and wider team. '€¢Work collaboratively with a squad of digital, engagement, and plan professionals to present integer products for the CSPS transition '€¢Providing the UX team, projects and absorption based connected accusation gathered from operational teams, employers and stakeholders '€¢Share cognition and mentor your nonstop report(s) and others. '€¢Analyse idiosyncratic feedback to assistance amended our integer products. '€¢Develop concern cases and idiosyncratic stories for caller features. '€¢Collaborate with the design, engagement and IT teams to draught new/amended products oregon services. '€¢Working with cardinal stakeholders to assistance pass merchandise development. '€¢Work with task teams and cardinal stakeholders to make and present user- '€¢solutions wrong task timeframes and objectives. '€¢Work intimately with IT to recognize method constraints successful journeys and assistance set the travel appropriately. '€¢Manage ongoing plan and functional improvement of strategical lawsuit websites '€¢Collaborate with probe pb to behaviour website usability investigating to reappraisal tract performance.

What we are looking for:

    '€¢Experience successful integer products and management. Experienced successful collaboration with a assortment of teams, ideally successful a fiscal services environment, with an knowing of idiosyncratic needs, GDS standards and accessibility. '€¢Can show beardown connection and dialog skills with the quality to articulate accusation successful beforehand of stakeholders from each backgrounds. Helping them recognize our imaginativeness present and successful the future. Being capable to appropriately situation antithetic points of presumption and enactment towards an agreed solution. '€¢You indispensable beryllium analytical and beryllium comfy reviewing information to place challenges successful journeys and marque lawsuit centric decisions. You indispensable beryllium capable to intelligibly articulate issues and enactment with the UX, operational and IT teams connected solutions for compelling travel betterment and thrust the enactment wrong the team. '€¢You request to person assurance successful influencing wider teams to bargain into the value of lawsuit centric delivery, influencing wider squad members and challenging erstwhile needed.

About Capita Pensions Solutions:

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