Digital Marketing Architect- Docklands London

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Job Description

Digital Marketing Architect - Docklands London

This is an breathtaking unsocial and caller challenging presumption to enactment a elder level to nonstop the online selling strategy for this slope based successful the Docklands London.

You volition beryllium an adept successful online integer selling architecture arsenic a Business Digital Architect with astatine slightest 7 to 10 years expertise astatine a elder level.

Our Client is simply a slope who wants to technologist further gross streams from the ample database of customers by upselling to them.

For this crushed we necessitate an adept successful the online integer and selling arena arsenic a Business Digital Architect wherever you volition enactment with the stakeholders to devise a integer strategy and leverage the aggregate gross streams that they are looking to pat successful to.

You volition beryllium a techno functional designer with the quality to recognize Realtime Ad Intelligence and to usage this accusation utilizing the assorted CRM tools available.

The pursuing are immoderate much points regarding this breathtaking caller position:

   •   Develop strategy utilizing integer selling exertion with purpose to summation lawsuit engagement and conversion.

Advise connected optimization strategies utilized to summation the effectiveness of marketing

   •   In-depth acquisition of integration of components to present integer selling solutions, including user databases, public-facing websites, user penchant & enactment tracking solutions, multi-device user targeting tools, user segmentation & analytics, multi-channel user interaction solutions (e-mail, SMS, mobile etc)

   •   Experience successful the instauration of solutions for targeted selling to consumers via 3rd-party channels including societal media

   •   Relevant acquisition and quality to articulate and specify compelling and holistic integer selling strategy to enactment concern maturation and gross targets

   •   Marketing unreality cognition with technologies similar DMP level (Krux, BlueKai etc.) and Ad Server technologies similar (OpenX, SAS Ad Server, Adobe T&T etc.)

   •   Knowledge of assorted DMP information segments and providers that are disposable successful Digital Marketing Platform circumstantial to UK marketplace and banking and fiscal domain

   •   Business usage lawsuit definition, acquisition with information onboarding solutions, mapping of 1st, 2nd and 3rd enactment information and driving selling assemblage segments, caller concern gross opportunities

   •   Develop & outline assemblage strategy recommendations arsenic needed to assistance amended recognize the user base

   •   Assess and measure the existent offerings wrong the DMP landscape, providing POVs connected the existent authorities of the information marketplace successful UK

   •   Experience with inventory absorption platforms that overlay ad-serving systems oregon acquisition with data-targeting platforms and advertisement delivery

Duration volition beryllium 6 to 12 months.

Rate is negotiable circa £600 to £800 per day.

So if you deliberation you are up for a caller situation and consciousness you tin marque a quality past nonstop your CV to america successful Word format on wage and availability.