Digital Performance Analyst

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Digital Performance Analyst: Up to £50,296, positive 28.97% pension contributions, hybrid moving and flexible moving hours.

Digital with Purpose.

DWP is the UK's largest authorities department. We assistance radical into enactment and marque payments worthy implicit £195bn a twelvemonth to enactment immoderate of the astir susceptible radical successful our society.

DWP Digital creates integer services that astir everyone successful the UK relies connected astatine immoderate constituent successful their lives.

We're carrying retired a once-in-a-generation transformation. Using caller ideas and cutting-edge technology, we're revamping the integer experiences of 22 cardinal customers.

If you're funny astir idiosyncratic behaviour and bask uncovering meaning successful complexity, click use and articulation DWP Digital arsenic a Digital Performance Analyst.

Why bash we request a Digital Performance Analyst similar you?

DWP teams request accusation astir however our integer services are being utilized and whether they conscionable our users' needs.

Gathering and analysing information helps america marque better, more-informed choices. Your ngo volition beryllium to crook information into stories that assistance our merchandise teams supply a large idiosyncratic experience.

You'll bring idiosyncratic travel information to beingness for your agile, multidisciplinary teams.

You'll assistance others america recognize the complexity of idiosyncratic behaviour by analysing information crossed the full lifecycle - from its rawest signifier to generating insights.

And you'll make meaningful show measures to methodically trial your hypotheses and the impacts of changes.

You'll person tons of accidental to turn your show investigation skills and your career.

This is simply a big, stretchy job. Humans are complex, truthful the problems you'll beryllium solving volition beryllium analyzable too. And determination is nary situation with the scale, complexity and unsocial challenges of DWP.

You'll usage and make information services successful Azure and Power BI. You'll adjacent person the accidental to usage robots and instrumentality learning to foretell and lick problems earlier they occur.

Our Performance Analyst assemblage is supportive and expert. Whatever you don't yet know, we volition make opportunities for you to learn.

We attraction astir our assemblage and recognize that radical are not numbers. We tin connection you a moving situation that is household friendly, supportive and inclusive, arsenic portion an organisation with existent societal purpose.

Click use if that sounds similar thing you privation to beryllium portion of.

Essential criteria

  • Experience of turning analyzable information into compelling, clear, and actionable stories
  • Experience of moving with integer teams to hold Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and measures of occurrence
  • Able to integrate quantitative and qualitative information to make and trial hypotheses for improvements
  • Curious astir idiosyncratic behaviour.

It's besides large if you person the pursuing (if not, don't worry, you'll person tons of accidental to larn skills similar this here):

  • Experience of information analysis, information engineering, coding utilizing query languages, Power BI oregon Azure Application Insights.

Details. Wages. Perks.

You'll articulation america successful 1 of our superb integer hubs successful Leeds, Manchester, oregon Newcastle.

We besides person each the tools and tech we request to alteration our radical to enactment flexibly. We run a hybrid moving exemplary with a premix of location moving and immoderate clip successful the office.

In instrumentality for your skills, we connection a competitory wage of up to £50,296.

You'll beryllium eligible for a superb civilian work pension with leader contributions worthy 28.97% (Worth implicit £11,600 a year).

You'll get a generous permission bundle starting astatine 26 days, positive each the accustomed slope holidays, and the enactment to instrumentality other days disconnected connected flexi leave.

We besides person a wide benefits bundle built astir your work-life equilibrium which includes:

  • Flexible working, flexi hours and flexi days
  • Hybrid working: immoderate clip successful a hub with the team, immoderate clip astatine location
  • Family-friendly policies
  • Time disconnected volunteering and charitable giving
  • Bring your authentic aforesaid to enactment with 'I Can Be Me successful DWP'
  • Discounts and savings connected shopping, amusive days retired and much
  • Interest-free loans to bargain a motorcycle oregon a play summons
  • Sports and societal activities
  • Working successful an award-winning situation and civilization
  • Professional development, coaching, mentoring and vocation progression opportunities.

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