Digital Systems Architect- Financial Services - Northampton

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Job Description

Digital Systems Architect - Financial Services - Northampton

We necessitate a Digital Architect to Support successful the explanation of integer architecture, roadmaps and method solutions arsenic good arsenic method consultancy and starring borderline exertion reasoning arsenic required across.

Clearly articulate / pass absorption and benefits of integer architecture to developers / engineers and non-technical stakeholders

Responsible for creating integer exertion architecture solutions and outgo estimates, to conscionable concern needs, successful enactment with strategy and architecture.

Work with proviso concatenation (including external) arsenic appropriate.

Working with the applicable endeavor wide architects and integer concern aligned strategy leads, supports the instauration of an due integer exertion strategy for the applicable concern area.

Maintain exertion roadmaps for integer capabilities crossed the Company.

Responsible for ensuring the integer engineering / improvement teams are aligned to the method strategy, architecture, prime standards and policies.

Work collaboratively with the applicable exertion colleagues, task managers, architects, concern analysts and developers to guarantee that the integer outcomes delivered by projects are accordant with the archetypal method solution specified.

Able to situation stakeholders creatively and professionally to make architectural solutions which conscionable the concern request (including budgetary / clip constraints) whilst being aligned to Company architectural blueprint, principles and standards.

Can picture existing / emerging integer exertion and exertion strategy to developers and non-technical stakeholders some verbally and via due documentation.

Experience of exertion lawsuit and server architecture successful the web and/or mobile domain, exertion frameworks and architecture patterns

Experience of Object-Oriented plan and Enterprise Integration Patterns, of presenting method concepts to a non-technical audience

Specific acquisition of domain driven and lawsuit driven architecture

The pursuing would beryllium bully to have:

Experience of operating successful an Agile transportation environment, microservices and refactoring to microservices

Knowledge and acquisition of Enterprise Architecture frameworks (TOGAF, Zachman).

Experience of DevOps and containerization

Past and/or existent acquisition of Java / JavaScript bundle improvement successful an agile improvement environment

The wage for this relation volition beryllium £60K - £80K.

Based successful Northampton.

Please nonstop your CV to america successful Word format.