Digital Systems Delivery Manager with Azzure

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Job Description

Digital Systems Delivery Manager with Azzure

Our Client would similar to enlistee a Digital Delivery Manager with astatine slightest 10 years experience.

As a Delivery Manager you volition person a passionateness for value-driven transportation and motivated to execute results done flexibility and determination.

You volition negociate 1 oregon much integer projects concurrently with a multi-disciplinary, highly skilled integer team.

Working chiefly successful an adaptive Agile culture, you volition beryllium highly experienced successful delivering analyzable integer projects, managing a scope of stakeholders, person an analytical inheritance and an cognition of getting the occupation done, diving into the item to marque things hap erstwhile needed.

You volition beryllium liable for managing some onsite and distant squad members and for engaging with the merchandise owners and stakeholders connected a regular ground to enactment merchandise adoption.

The relation of Digital Delivery Manager volition impact the following:

  • Deliver projects and products utilizing the due methodology - calling upon Agile skills crossed Scrum, Kanban and Lean
  • Own the readying process and backlog instauration - prioritising the enactment arsenic directed by the Product Owner to execute worth per sprint
  • Manage a multidisciplinary squad crossed antithetic platforms
  • Handle discourse switching crossed projects and with antithetic stakeholders connected a regular basis
  • Ensure each standards, arsenic acceptable by SME's, are adhered to by the team
  • Dive into the investigation of backlog items to guarantee wide requirements are understood successful each transportation cycle
  • Uphold the prime of each deliverables successful a task done investigating each iteration
  • Develop an adept knowing of the users' needs and champion these successful the transportation of your product
  • Understand the merchandise imaginativeness with the Product Owner that is easy demonstrated to your users, squad and stakeholders
  • Engage with users and stakeholders done a scope of channels to promote takeup and usage of your product
  • Ensure your merchandise meets the institution standards and applies principles that assistance to maximize worth and guarantee a bully idiosyncratic experience

You are idiosyncratic who likes to get stuck successful and enjoys being successful the midst of the action.

You person a beingness and animate loyalty and thrust successful your teams done vigor and passionateness for transportation connected each levels.

You indispensable person astir of the pursuing skills and expertise for this position:

  • Excellent written, ocular & verbal connection skills
  • Delivery Management with a passionateness for shipping and evolving large integer products
  • Analytical successful nature
  • Able to thrive successful a precocious paced, precocious pressured environment
  • Waterfall, Agile, Scrum, PMi and Prince II ways of working
  • Delivering integer projects and products
  • Azure technologies
  • DevOps
  • Matrix-managing multi-disciplinary teams some onsite and remote
  • Engaging with users and turning idiosyncratic penetration into merchandise improvements
  • A 2:1 bachelor's grade oregon equivalent
  • Formal Project Management training

The Client and relation is based successful Holborn London.

The wage for this relation is expected to beryllium successful the scope £110K - £140K per anum positive benefits.

Please nonstop your CV to america on with your wage and availability.