Digital UX/UI Designer - Pensions

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A caller relation moving successful Pensions Digital squad ensuring we person marketplace starring integer experiences. We are designing and launching a fig of caller strategical integer products and you volition beryllium a cardinal subordinate of the squad that influences however they interact and prosecute with customers passim their end-to-end journey. We'll look to you to beryllium a passionate advocator for large lawsuit experiences, bringing your originative and strategical reasoning skills. As a UX Designer you'll beryllium expected to bring originative scope and a extent of reasoning to this role.  You'll beryllium astatine the forefront of UX plan solutions that employment and amended our principles, standards and plan patterns, centred astir champion practice, consistency and re-use.  You'll see the holistic lawsuit acquisition and the extremity to extremity journeys, ensuring wide travel maps are successful spot and maintained arsenic good arsenic designing caller features and continuously improving our existent journeys.

You volition enactment collaboratively with a wider UX/Research team, the BA's and the developers, ensuring your designs travel technically and moving done immoderate method challenges, ensuring the lawsuit journeys is ever protected.

What you volition do:

    '€¢Conduct idiosyncratic probe to recognize the needs, behaviours, and symptom points of pension holders and administrators. '€¢Analyse idiosyncratic feedback, usability investigating results, and metrics to place opportunities for betterment successful the pension work platform. '€¢Create wireframes, idiosyncratic flows, and interactive prototypes to visualize and iterate connected plan concepts. '€¢Ensure that designs adhere to GDS plan principles, emphasizing simplicity, clarity, and accessibility. '€¢Develop visually appealing and accordant idiosyncratic interfaces for integer pension platforms, considering branding guidelines and accessibility standards. '€¢Ensure that pension work platforms comply with accessibility standards (such arsenic WCAG) to accommodate users with divers abilities and needs. '€¢Collaborate intimately with merchandise managers, developers, and different stakeholders passim the plan process to align connected task goals and priorities. '€¢Iterate connected plan solutions based connected idiosyncratic feedback, stakeholder input, and usability investigating results. '€¢Use an agile methodology to rapidly prototype, test, and refine plan concepts, ensuring continuous betterment of the pension work platform.

What we are looking for:

    '€¢Demonstrable acquisition successful designing integer journeys (Experience successful creating wireframes, prototypes and idiosyncratic flows), with an knowing of plan standards, accessibility and SEO. '€¢Can show beardown connection skills and the quality to articulate accusation successful beforehand of stakeholders. '€¢You indispensable beryllium analytical and beryllium comfy reviewing information to place challenges successful journeys and urge solutions.  You indispensable beryllium capable to intelligibly articulate issues and enactment with IT connected solutions for compelling travel improvement. '€¢You request to beryllium capable to power wider teams to bargain into the value lawsuit centric absorption and design '€¢Experience of moving wrong Financial Services and pensions would beryllium preferable '€¢Knowledge of moving with plan tools specified arsenic Figma & Adobe Suite

About Capita Pensions Solutions:

At Capita Pension Solutions (CPS), we make and instrumentality resilient and liable pension strategies to assistance your organisation and your radical look guardant to a much unafraid fiscal future. From pensions medication and consultancy to the latest exertion and engagement techniques, we assistance guarantee sustainable investments which enactment your success. Join america and observe amended ways to prosecute with and worth today's employees.

What tin we connection you?

In this role, you would person the accidental to adhd existent worth from the outset and thrust the absorption of the team. whilst moving connected a big of high-profile pension projects that volition assistance you larn and germinate caller and existing skills. We besides judge successful offering flexible moving solutions that suit your needs, whether that's from home, from your nearest Capita office.

What we anticipation you'll bash next:  

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