Digital Validation Engineer

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An accidental has go disposable for a Digital Validation Engineer to articulation an audio and video processing company, focussing on the latest compression standards based successful Grenoble.

As a Digital Validation Engineer you volition person a fig of responsibilities that include;

  • Create reports and documentation of trial results
  • Provide lawsuit support
  • Digital ASIC validation
  • Create and automate tests

To beryllium considered for the Digital Validation Engineer vacancy you indispensable have:

  • Prior acquisition successful a related position/field (minimum 3 years)
  • Good cognition of VHDL oregon Verilog
  • Knowledge of Shell/Perl/Tcl scripting languages
  • Understanding of CAD tools for ASICs (e.g. modelling, synthesis etc)

You indispensable beryllium capable to talk concern English to use for this role.

If you person involvement successful applying to the Digital Validation Engineer vacancy oregon would similar further information, delight interaction Roberta Wright.

Contact Name: Roberta Wright

Reference: TJ/801/V-194117

Job ID: 3312267


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