Director of Capital Markets and Funding- Canary Wharf London

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Job Description

Director of Capital Markets and Funding - Canary Wharf London

Our Client is an International automotive parts shaper with respective offices successful the UK and Europe.

They are looking to enlistee a Director of Capital Markets with astatine slightest 10 to 15 years acquisition successful the banking and superior markets arena.

Work arsenic a halfway portion of the European Capital Markets squad wrong the broader Global Capital Markets radical focusing connected raising and executing lending investments successful the UK, Germany and the remainder of Europe.

Create and operation the concern vehicles and conduits for organization investors.

To originate and incubate nonstop relationships with a assortment of home and overseas nonrecreational investors, ranging from backstage investors done to Hedge Funds, Asset Managers, Banks and Insurance Companies.

Assist successful designing the strategy, operation and execution of circumstantial Capital Markets transactions and projects and negociate transactions station launch.

Work intimately with the Commercial, Strategic Business Development, Legal, Product, Operations and Communications teams.

This presumption volition suit a campaigner with 7 to 15 years' acquisition astatine a apical tier concern bank, plus manager oregon hedge fund.

Must person in-depth cognition of structured recognition and fixed income markets unneurotic with a web of cardinal buy-side individuals.

European connection skills volition beryllium valued - truthful quality to pass successful French German and/or Spanish volition beryllium precise handy.

Confident, presentable and capable to interact straight and autonomously with a wide assortment of investors and stakeholders (ranging from C-suite and MD level done to mid-level execution teams).

Proven quantitative and analytical skillset combined with an quality to negociate analyzable transactions with respective interior and outer ineligible and operational stakeholders.

Ambitious, dedicated and excited astir moving with highly motivated and astute individuals successful an entrepreneurial environment.

Salary volition babelike upon skills - but volition beryllium successful the scope £70K - £100K + benefits.

Please bash nonstop your CV to america successful Word format on with wage and availability.