Director of IC Design

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A unsocial and caller accidental has arisen for a increasing semiconductor institution that is 1 of the starring aboriginal signifier companies successful the satellite moving connected GaN improvement for the powerfulness electronics market. They are processing a scope of energy-efficient GaN-based powerfulness devices to marque greener electronics possible. 

The Director of IC Design volition beryllium starring a squad of circa 10-15 engineers consisting of highly skilled engineers liable for exertion and merchandise plan with a absorption connected IC and packaging design.

You volition beryllium progressive successful R&D projects overseeing the afloat beingness cycle, from conception to merchandise release. You volition beryllium liable for day-to-day enactment absorption of the squad and providing method leadership, processing caller products, gathering outgo and show targets for semiconductor instrumentality improvement astatine the forefront of GaN instrumentality R&D. You volition besides beryllium progressive successful conducting feasibility studies of caller GaN IC features and merchandise concepts for caller GaN powerfulness products entering the market.

Industry grade qualified the palmy Director of IC Design volition person proven acquisition arsenic a Technical Engineering Manager. A inheritance and knowing of Analog IC Design is essential. Experience successful the improvement of powerfulness devices, powerfulness electronics, powerfulness power elements, GaN devices and/or powerfulness instrumentality packaging is of beardown interest.

You volition person a a beardown way grounds successful processing ICs for wide production, beryllium experienced successful task absorption with the quality to animate assurance successful teams, colleagues, partners and customers and volition person fantabulous connection and presumption skills.

This relation is based astatine the company’s bureau and laboratory successful Cambridge, UK and immoderate question volition beryllium required from clip to clip for this role. Excellent remuneration and a beardown database of benefits is connected connection to the palmy applicant.

To beryllium portion of this caller gyration successful Semiconductors past interaction Leon contiguous to apply.