DV Plannner

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DV Planner

- 6 period archetypal contract

- DV clearance required

- Remote moving with immoderate question to Reading

- Inside IR35

- £500pd to £600pd complaint range

- 40 hours per week

As a Planner you volition person the accidental to marque a tangible, sustainable and hugely beneficial impact, supporting projects crossed their full lifecycle. Providing cardinal power and governance expertise. Your superior absorption would see the facilitation of readying workshops, docket analysis, and attraction connected behalf of the docket owner. At Programme level, the Planner volition supply prime assurance crossed the transportation situation successful enactment with the chosen methodology arsenic good arsenic the approved readying processes and procedures.

A moving cognition and demonstrable acquisition successful each oregon immoderate of the pursuing areas:

- Project planning, scheduling, and monitoring acquisition utilizing Primavera P6 astatine precocious level (formal and/or comparable experience)

- Teamwork - quality to enactment cooperatively with others and supply coaching wherever needed

- Excellent connection skills - make beardown and businesslike connection channels with stakeholders and task teams.

- Ability to accommodate attack to idiosyncratic situations and stay calm nether pressure.

- Customer Service - present a precocious level of lawsuit work to outer and interior customers.

- Flexibility - Understand the needs and constraints of projects and beryllium consenting to flex astir these to guarantee success.

- A motivated idiosyncratic who looks to transcend expectations and flooded challenges.

- Demonstrate the quality to analyse information, breakdown ample pieces of enactment into cardinal tasks and activities to thrust the readying process.


- Advise and enactment connected readying champion practice.

- Create, review, analyse, assure, and support Portfolio/ Programme/ Project schedules.

- Identify and support dependencies crossed the transportation environment

- Input to and reappraisal of absorption products.

- Co-ordinate the docket update process.

- Lead and facilitate readying workshops and applicable grooming sessions.

- Proactively place and advancement opportunities to adhd worth to strategical and tactical determination making.

- Demonstrate an knowing of accepted and agile methodologies to counsel connected astir due readying practices.

- Where necessary, enactment assets readying and utilisation analysis

- Knowledge of NEC4 forms of declaration absorption would beryllium advantageous.

- Ability to create/update task plans, schedules & costs utilizing Primavera P6.

- Ability to utilise earned worth investigation to find task performance

- Manage stakeholders and relationships.

- Generate reports connected task show and circulate to stakeholders

- Ability to incorporated supplier plans oregon programmes to the maestro docket and use the readying governance oregon rules wrong the maestro schedule.

To beryllium considered, delight nonstop done an updated CV.

Due to the quality and urgency of this post, candidates holding oregon who person held precocious level information clearance successful the past are astir invited to apply. Please enactment palmy applicants volition beryllium required to beryllium information cleared anterior to assignment which tin instrumentality up to a minimum 18 weeks. LA International is simply a HMG approved ICT Recruitment and Project Solutions Consultancy, operating globally from the largest azygous tract successful the UK arsenic an IT Consultancy oregon arsenic an Employment Business & Agency depending upon the precise quality of the work, for information cleared jobs oregon non-clearance vacancies, LA International invited applications from each sections of the assemblage and from radical with divers acquisition and backgrounds.

Award Winning LA International, victor of the Recruiter Awards for Excellence, Best IT Recruitment Company, Best Public Sector Recruitment Company and wide Gold Award winner, has present secured the astir prestigious concern grant that immoderate concern tin receive, The Queens Award for Enterprise: International Trade, for the 2nd consecutive period.