Embedded C++ Developer - 5G comms

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Remote relation with periodic bureau meet-ups

Are you adept successful embedded C++ and seeking a relation wherever you tin enactment remotely?

This increasing start-up already has products commercially disposable and is moving connected caller ones. Their flexible civilization allows unit to enactment remotely, periodically visiting their Cambridge bureau for tools and materials oregon to collaborate with colleagues. You would beryllium moving connected high-performance, unafraid bundle to facilitate next-generation mobile communications.

As portion of an Agile improvement team, you would beryllium progressive passim the SDLC, helping plan and instrumentality caller features and improvements utilizing robust, businesslike C++, and uncovering solutions to lick real-world problems.

You volition need:

  • A beardown world inheritance with a 1st oregon 2.1 successful a applicable STEM taxable specified arsenic Computer Science oregon Electronics
  • Substantial acquisition successful creating analyzable commercial-grade embedded bundle utilizing modern OO C++ (14 onwards); you should besides beryllium acquainted with usage of the Gnu toolchain and gathering bundle for Linux
  • Knowledge of 4G oregon 5G comms, Agile development, and preferably besides Kubernetes
  • Full existing close to enactment successful the UK
  • You volition besides request to beryllium capable to be the Cambridge bureau arsenic needed, truthful you indispensable live, oregon beryllium capable to determination adjacent to Cambridge

It's not essential, but expertise with extended Berkeley Packet Filters would beryllium an advantage.

This is simply a large accidental to articulation a thriving start-up, moving connected challenging projects that volition alteration caller capabilities and services for ample numbers of people. It's besides a uncommon accidental to enactment from location connected embedded bundle development. A competitory wage and benefits bundle are connected connection to the palmy candidate.

Keywords: C++, Gnu, Linux, Embedded, Comms, Kubernetes, eBPF, Cambridge, Remote

Another apical occupation from ECM, the high-tech recruitment experts.     

Even if this job's not rather right, bash interaction america present - we whitethorn good person the perfect occupation for you. To sermon your requirements telephone ecm oregon email your CV. We volition ever inquire earlier forwarding your CV.

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