Embedded C Software Engineer

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Developing embedded surveillance systems successful C

This established exertion institution develops compact video technologies for surveillance applications. An accidental has arisen for a talented Embedded C Software Engineer to articulation their expanding improvement team.

In this role, you would beryllium moving passim the bundle improvement beingness cycle, processing caller features and products arsenic good arsenic improving existing products, carrying retired investigating successful collaboration with their dedicated QA team, and creating documentation.

You volition need:

  • A demonstrably fantabulous programming skills successful C
  • Experience of moving with embedded operating systems, including embedded Linux
  • A coagulated knowing of bundle improvement champion practice, including mentation power (e.g. Git), and investigating and debugging strategies
  • An knowing of comms protocols (SPI, TCP, UDP etc.)
  • Some aptitude with electronics circuits and communal components. You should besides beryllium au fait with utilizing communal diagnostic instrumentality specified arsenic oscilloscopes, logic analysers, etc.

Not essential, but familiarity with utilizing the Eclipse IDE would beryllium useful, arsenic would an knowing of video encoding formats.

This a large accidental to articulation an established and palmy West Cambridgeshire-based company. Their institution civilization is flexible and minimizes bureaucracy, and flexible moving is imaginable for overmuch of the week erstwhile the unit subordinate is up to speed.  The relation features a competitory wage and benefits scheme.

Keywords:  Embedded, C, Linux, RTOS, SPI, UDP, TCP, Git, video codecs, West Cambridgeshire

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