Embedded GPU Developer

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Premium Job From IC Resources

Remote moving Contract - Embedded Software Developer - Immediate Start

IC Resources is moving with a person successful Embedded AI Development with a planetary beingness that are looking for declaration bundle engineers with acquisition of integrating embedded architectures successful to AI products. As the close technologist you volition person an knowing of RISC-V architecture and improvement connected RISC-V utilizing a substance of C, C++ and Python, arsenic good cognition of Linux and oregon Zephyr platforms alongside extended acquisition of embedded systems improvement connected a scope of MCU's. Additional acquisition with MCUboot oregon SecureBoot and unafraid embedded programming alongside improvement connected AI products would beryllium a immense bonus.

Our lawsuit person sites crossed Europe and the UK, but are unfastened to distant workers providing you person the bulk of the supra listed skill-set. 

Key Points:

  • Remote moving contract
  • Linux / Zephyr operating systems acquisition needed
  • Embedded AI products improvement acquisition a bonus
  • RISC-V architecture acquisition needed
  • Immediate Start

If you'd similar to larn much past delight interaction Bradley Wilson.

Remote moving Contract - Embedded Software Developer - Immediate Start

Contact Name: Bradley Wilson

Reference: TJ/801/V-196018

Job ID: 3313340


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