Embedded Linux Developer

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Embedded Systems Developer - Linux Division

Join a renowned French steadfast with a planetary beingness that specialises successful designing and manufacturing high-end nonrecreational audiovisual equipment. With implicit 30 years of experience, They are a starring supplier of products for 4K and 8K surface presumption systems, media servers, representation converters, and video switchers.

Location - Paris

Embedded Linux Developer - Responsibilities:

  • Write kernel drivers (framebuffer, pcie, ethernet, etc.).
  • Implement and enactment antithetic Board Support Packages (BSPs) connected arm, x86, oregon SocFpga architectures.
  • Contribute to the validation of hardware cards.
  • Participate successful the improvement of caller features utilizing C & C++-

Embedded Linux Developer - Background:

  • Experience successful the embedded assemblage with a way grounds of implementing systems connected assorted architectures.
  • Strong Embedded Linux knowledge
  • Proficiency successful tools similar git, debugging, and cross-compilation.
  • Knowledge of protocols specified arsenic SPI, I2C, and ethernet is appreciated.

For much accusation astir Embedded SW Roles successful France Please scope retired to Harry Hansford.

Contact Name: Harry Hansford

Reference: TJ/801/V-194289

Job ID: 3313847


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