Embedded Software Engineer

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Premium Job From IC Resources

Experienced Senior Embedded Software Engineer with 4yrs+ embedded bundle acquisition present needed successful Bristol to enactment connected a assortment of projects successful Computer Vision, AR/VR and IoT astatine each levels of the bundle stack (baremetal and debased level linux drivers to idiosyncratic abstraction applications and web apps).  

Suitable Senior Embedded Software Engineers volition beryllium ambitious Embedded Software Engineers who already person demonstrable acquisition successful immoderate of the pursuing areas:

  • Embedded C/C++
  • Git
  • Linux user-space oregon kernel development.
  • Driver improvement (e.g. DMA, MIPI, I2C)
  • Video and audio applications
  • Python,shell oregon different scripting languages

Fabulous accidental for a Senior Embedded Software Engineer to to beryllium portion of a tiny affable increasing institution wherever you volition beryllium capable to get progressive and marque a existent difference!

Flexible hybrid moving based from Bristol oregon Cheltenham and visa enactment available. 

Get successful interaction with Emma Windows astatine IC Resources.

Contact Name: Emma Windows

Reference: TJ/801/V-193244

Job ID: 3312209


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