Embedded Software Engineer - Wireless

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Embedded Software Engineers are sought by this starring IoT and GPS improvement organisation. Based astatine their R+D Centre successful Linz the Embedded Software Engineers volition beryllium liable for processing bundle and firmware successful C and C++ nether Linux, RTOS oregon Bare-Metal for IoT based GPS tracking applications. The Embedded Software Engineers volition beryllium moving arsenic portion of a dynamic squad moving connected caller bundle improvement products and projects.

You volition beryllium an experienced Embedded Software oregon Firmware Engineer with beardown C and C++ skills. You volition besides request bare-metal level improvement skills. Coupled with this you volition person a bully cognition of existent clip development, including vulnerability to Linux, and person immoderate cognition of mobile technologies specified arsenic LTE-m, Nb-IoT, GSM etc. Any acquisition with wireless connectivity (BLE, WiFi, NFC etc.) oregon GPS improvement would beryllium a bonus.

The palmy campaigner tin expect a affable moving situation and a precise charismatic wage and package. Also connected connection flexible moving hours and abbreviated week moving giving a existent committedness to your enactment / beingness balance. Relocation enactment is besides disposable wherever needed.

To apply, oregon for much information, interaction Adrian Wagstaff connected +44 1189 840948 oregon email your CV.