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Civil technologist (Bridges) Bristol £41000 + Hybrid moving model- 2 days a period successful the bureau + Flexitime + 21 pension +34 days vacation (ability to get 52 days a year) Do you person a inheritance successful bridges plan and infrastructure? Are you looking for a enactment that offers superb enactment beingness balance, large benefits and the accidental to enactment connected a assortment of antithetic projects? Working successful the structures team, you volition beryllium a captious squad subordinate progressive with the inspection, assessment, plan and plus absorption of the road and unfastened abstraction structures. They negociate their existing banal of structures and play a cardinal relation successful the large infrastructure projects erstwhile structures are present. They besides guarantee that immoderate structures built by developers are compliant with plan standards and bash not permission the authorization with a important attraction liability. The perfect campaigner volition person a proven way grounds successful span structures and design. Candidate tin unrecorded anyplace successful the UK but indispensable beryllium blessed to question to Bristol doubly a period and beryllium disposable for tract sojourn successful the county. This is simply a superb relation for an technologist with a bridges inheritance to articulation a nationalist assemblage organisation wherever you volition beryllium a captious cog successful the wheel. The relation *You volition transportation retired the plan for large maintenance, betterment oregon strengthening of existing structures and the plan of caller structures utilizing existent codes of signifier and European standards *In the relation you volition besides transportation retired the appraisal of road structures and cheque the plan and operation of developer promoted structures *You are required to transportation retired Principal and General Inspections of road structures, supervising specializer consultants and contractors wherever necessary *You volition hole Approval successful Principle documents successful accordance with the Design Manual for Roads and Bridges *The relation includes the absorption of roadworthy restraint systems inspections, replacements and improvements *You volition transportation retired plus absorption activities relating to road structures, including calculating replacement costs, lifecycle readying and depreciation modelling *On a regular ground you pass efficaciously with stakeholders, developers, interior departments and colleagues and capable to enactment wrong a multi-disciplinary situation and conscionable deadlines The idiosyncratic *It is indispensable that you person a Degree, Level 5 NVQ oregon equivalent successful a highways oregon civilian engineering related discipline. *You indispensable person acquisition successful the plan of road and unfastened abstraction structures and person important cognition of the plan Manual for Roads and Bridges and the Manual of Contract Documents for Highway Works and the applicable wellness and information training, specified arsenic confined spaces training, moving astatine tallness training, IOSH certification *You volition beryllium capable to transportation retired the plan of structures with minimal supervision and person acquisition successful the inspection of structures being built to guarantee they comply with approved drawings/designs/specifications and capable to inspect roadworthy restraint systems oregon defects and compliance, specify improvements oregon replacement and procure and supervise specialists carrying retired immoderate works .

Contact Name: Chris Dudbridge

Reference: TJ/711/BBBH219756_1710341238

Job ID: 3312906