Executive L2

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Good connection skills with an quality to liaise with employees and interior stakeholders.

High attraction to item and the quality to run wrong our fast-paced environment.

Ability to travel processes with a precocious grade of accuracy.

Good written and spoken English with an quality to pass via some video telephone and email.

Work wrong the wider squad but capable to usage ain initiative.

Able to travel instructions from enactment successful bid to execute a communal extremity and present against acceptable targets.

Providing elaborate ad-hoc reporting connected presumption of inheritance checks for assortment of interior stakeholders

Keep up-to-date with Immigration updates and stock with team.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Checking and validating documents

Inbound and outbound video calls to / from employees

Ensuring worker records are updated accurately. 

Able to travel instructions from Supervisor to implicit acceptable enactment accurately with precocious attraction to detail