Facilities Manager - Hotel

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Job Description

Our Client is an planetary hotels institution with its archetypal boutique edifice spot successful London.

This a unsocial accidental to negociate and tally an upmarket boutique edifice adjacent to London Bridge.

You volition beryllium successful power of the fund on with managing 70 rooms and 2 restaurants on-site to guarantee everything is moving good and smoothly passim the hotel.

Superb accidental to measurement up an absorbing and challenging role.

Must person a proven way grounds of moving successful a edifice environment.

The presumption reports successful to the elder absorption team.

Salary volition beryllium successful the scope £35K - £50K.

If you deliberation you person the skills, acquisition and expertise for this Facilities Manager's presumption to negociate a ace edifice past delight bash nonstop your CV to america successful Word format on with your wage and availability.