Front Arena Consultants for projects Dubai

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Job Description

Front Arena Consultants for projects successful London, Frankfurt, Dubai and Minneapolis

We urgently necessitate a Front Arena Developer with astatine slightest 2 years acquisition of having developed and worked with Front Arena astatine a fiscal institution.

You indispensable besides person astatine slightest 2 years acquisition of processing applications with Python.

Our Client is simply a starring Asset Management steadfast who are presently looking to enlistee a Front Arena Developer to articulation their bureau based successful Central London.

You volition person astatine slightest 2 - 5 years arsenic an experienced Front Arena Developer and volition maintain, amended and make caller codification utilized wrong Front Arena.

The lawsuit is looking to enlistee candidates acquisition successful the following:
Strong Python skills

A bully knowing of Front Arena, including ADFL and the ACMKnowledge of Front Arena architecture and components:

ADS, ATSExperience of interacting with extremity users successful the fiscal industry.

Any acquisition with successful the pursuing would beryllium beneficial though is NOT essential
C++/C/Java/C#/other languages
Experience of the Front Arena 4 track.
Experience of customized exemplary integration.
Experience of different Trading Systems.
SQL Knowledge of Financial Derivatives.

Duration 6 months

The complaint is negotiable.

We positions successful London, Frankfurt, Dubai and Minnesota USA.
Please guardant your CV to america successful Word format to measure your skills.