Front End Developer- Stratford East London

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Job Description

Front End Developer - Stratford East London

Working successful a tiny dynamic team, reporting to the Delivery Manager and supporting the Head of UX.

This is an breathtaking accidental to make innovative lawsuit focused solutions.

As the Client spans some customer-centric and policy/contract-centric technology, and provides services that merge the two, this presumption requires a idiosyncratic who is comfy successful and tin efficaciously code both.

The palmy applicant volition beryllium capable to show a passionateness for the improvement of crushed breaking, mobile optimised integer solutions to heighten the lawsuit experience.

This presumption offers originative state and volition suit a campaigner with an oculus for smart, user-friendly plan who is aforesaid motivated with fantabulous organisational skills.

The relation requires the incumbent to person astatine slightest 2 to 5 years of acquisition arsenic a Developer with immoderate plan capabilities.

Skills required for this presumption include:



Experience taking mock-ups and prototypes to moving web models

Experience creating responsive websites, preferably with frameworks similar Bootstrap oregon similar

Building with a CMS

It would beryllium utile but not mandatory to person acquisition of the following:


Communication with Web Services utilizing JSON oregon XML (preferably utilizing AJAX successful jQuery)

Some vulnerability to, oregon acquisition with PHP

Exposure to the UX improvement process

Design/Prototyping with Axure oregon myBalsamiq


Salary scope is £30K - 40K + Benefits

Please nonstop your CV to america successful Word format.