Front-End Java and Web Developer City London

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Job Description

We urgently necessitate a Front-End Java Developer with astatine slightest 3 to 5 years acquisition of processing planetary integer selling level to supply a implicit web acquisition absorption solution for Customer to marketplace products & services to learners connected a planetary scale.

The campaigner volition beryllium a high-performing, hands-on Front extremity improvement specialising successful CSS, HTML, JavaScript and Angular.

Experienced technologist, who volition assistance with the beforehand extremity improvement of sites on-boarding onto the Marketing Cloud platform.

You volition beryllium required to

   •   Develop sites on-boarding onto the Customer Marketing Cloud

   •   Coaching improvement teams.

   •   Setting and ensuring the highest improvement standards are followed.

   •   Identification and absorption of method debt.

   •   BAU codification fixes and enhancements to existing sites connected the platform

Must person the pursuing experience:

   •   Significant acquisition with building, launching and managing elemental and analyzable websites connected the Adobe Experience Manager platform

   •   Expert cognition of web-based technologies: HTTP / HTTPS, HTML, JavaScript, CSS, Less, JQuery, Angular

   •   A passionateness for exertion and up-to-date with trends, caller languages and plan approaches successful the IT space.

   •   Experienced successful designing scalable solutions, constitute businesslike code, optimizing show and debugging issues.

   •   Comfortable moving successful a fast-paced, multi-tasking, dynamic situation .

   •   Excellent connection skills with the quality to contiguous analyzable method accusation successful a wide and concise mode to a assortment of audiences, some method and non-technical.

This is simply a 4 period declaration duty to commencement immediately.

Based successful the City London.

Please nonstop your CV to america successful Word format on with regular complaint and availability.