Full Stack Software Developer with C# Asp.net

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Job Description

Fullstack Software Developer with C# Asp.net

Our Client is an established is simply a recognised person with a wide utilized commercialized bundle successful the fiscal markets.

They are present looking for further unit to articulation the bundle improvement squad with extended proven expertise successful processing bundle with C# with .net halfway - you indispensable person astatine slightest 5 to 7 years experience.

Personal Responsibilities:

The Client is looking for a creative, detail-orientated Web Software Developer to articulation our Web Development team.

Within the Web Development team, you volition person the accidental to bask moving with a scope of web exertion crossed the afloat stack.

The Company's lawsuit basal is increasing and arsenic portion of this maturation we are looking to amended and heighten our web-oriented merchandise offerings.

We are looking to enlistee highly motivated and originative web developers who tin beryllium instrumental successful delivering an ambitious integer roadmap.

Previous Experience/Education:

Web Developers astatine this Company don't ever request industry-specific enactment experience, but they indispensable beryllium capable to show their web bundle coding capableness successful organisations of a akin size and complexity.

Ideally, looking for Web Developers with 5 positive years enactment experience.

Additionally, candidates should beryllium experienced successful debugging and profiling applications associated with developing, investigating and deploying web applications.

It is preferable for Web Developers to clasp a grade successful Computer Science oregon a related field. Successful Web Developers should person dependable cognition and acquisition successful antithetic programming applications. C#, Asp.net/Core, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, MVC and JSON are required halfway skills.


Candidates should beryllium capable to show beardown quality to enactment independently and arsenic portion of a squad gathering websites from the crushed up successful C#, MVC, Asp.net and Asp.net core.

The palmy campaigner should person a bully bid of C#, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JSON & Bootstrap.

Exposure to immoderate UI binding model specified arsenic Vue.js, AngularJS, React, and Knockout would beryllium beneficial.

Additionally, the campaigner should beryllium comfy utilizing IIS.

Full knowing of the MVC pattern, REST APIs and asp.net controllers are a must. Web developers should beryllium alert of information vulnerabilities, specified arsenic those identified successful OWASP, and their codification should mitigate these threats.


Web Developers request acquisition successful the design, instauration and attraction of websites crossed aggregate platforms.

The astir important duties and responsibilities of the Web Developer include:

  1. Writing businesslike codification utilizing champion signifier for bundle improvement
  2. Creating websites utilizing antithetic languages specified arsenic HTML and CSS
  3. Working with Programmers and Web Designers to make a website that matches the ocular plan intent
  4. Communicating with concern colleagues to stitchery and refine requirements and specifications for contented improvement wrong agreed-upon timelines
  5. Researching a assortment of bundle programs
  6. Creating and maintaining the documentation for bundle utilized
  7. Improving and enhancing websites aft they person been created

Skills Required:

A palmy Web Developer campaigner volition person assorted prerequisite skills/qualifications needed for duties specified arsenic a Degree successful Computer Science oregon related field). Some skills include, but are not constricted to, the following:

  1. Strong interpersonal skills and the quality to found and support adjacent moving relationships with concern stakeholders and different technologists
  2. A pro-active attack with a keen attraction to item
  3. Proactive with a keen tendency to instrumentality ownership of projects
  4. Functional cognition and coding acquisition
  5. Basic cognition of hunt motor optimisation (SEO)
  6. The quality to multitask wrong the budgets and clip constraints acceptable by the institution
  7. Strong connection and problem-solving skills
  8. An knowing of improvement approaches and methods
  9. Knowledge of mobile applications, machine operating systems and web browsers
  10. Strong analytical skills

The wage for this presumption with beryllium successful the scope £55K - £75K positive benefits.

The Client has offices successful the City of London and adjacent to Basildon successful Essex.

Currently this relation volition beryllium based 2 days astatine the bureau successful Essex and 3 days distant working.

Please nonstop your CV to america In Word format on with your wage and announcement period.