Future Opportunities - Salesforce Devops Architect (Remote/Travel)

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Title: Salesforce DevOps?Architect

This accidental is posted successful anticipation of upcoming needs.

About Us: 

Appirio, a Wipro Company helps customers amended Worker & Customer experiences with outcome-oriented consultants who bring the latest integer reasoning andunmatched unreality experience. We make actionable strategies that present results quickly, and assistance organizations accommodate to a caller experience-driven era. We present results rapidly by harnessing the powerfulness of thousands of pre-built solution accelerators. Appirio is a trusted spouse to immoderate of the world’s largest brands, including YP, Cardinal Health, Coca-Cola, eBay, Facebook, Home Depot, Sony PlayStation, Moen, and IBM. 

Brief Summary of Role: 

The Salesforce Devops Architect volition person wide hands-on acquisition successful the?architecture, implementation and absorption of?DevOps?pipelines crossed assorted platforms, including Salesforce, utilizing assorted tools. This presumption would beryllium a almighty communicator to method and non-technical audiences and helped organizations astatine galore levels of maturity amended their prime and gait of innovation. 



  • Development, documentation of Salesforce?DevOps?architectures? 
  • Oversight of Salesforce?DevOps?implementations? 
  • Up-to-date cognition and evangelism of the disposable commercial?toolchains for?DevOps? 
  • Assessments of current?DevOps?environments, tooling, processes?and skills? 
  • Design of CI/CD pipelines for org-based and package-based delivery?models? 
  • Design of automated prime control, deployment and gating?mechanisms stages? 
  • Pre-sales and post-sales enactment for customers arsenic a taxable matter?expert on?DevOps? 
  • Maintain a cutting-edge knowing of the?architecture of Salesforce metadata and configuration. 


Education and Required Experience:

  • Bachelor's grade successful Computer Science, Software Engineering, MIS oregon equivalent operation of acquisition and experience
  • Implemented?DevOps?processes for endeavor multi-org, multi-team?environments with simultaneous, independent workstreams.? 
  • Executed straight-forward, customer-first in-depth DevOp?evaluations to supply a wide way for?DevOps?transformation and?maturity.? 
  • Acted as?subject?matter adept during trainings and technical?handoffs to organizations astatine various?DevOps?maturity levels.? 
  • Salesforce Certified Data?Architecture and Management Designer? is preferred
  • Salesforce Certified Development Lifecycle and Deployment?Designer? is preferred
  • Mastery of precocious Git (e.g. struggle resolution, cherry-picking,?rebasing), 1 oregon much fashionable CICD tools. 
  • Located successful UK oregon Europe