FX Options Application Support Analyst

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Job Description

Application Support with FX Options

Our Client is looking to enlistee an experienced Application Support Specialist FX Options to articulation their squad successful the City London.

You volition beryllium providing indispensable enactment for their FX Options trading level and guarantee the creaseless cognition of our trading and enactment systems.

Purpose of role:

   •   Provide day-to-day enactment for our FX Options trading platform, including troubleshooting, contented resolution, and idiosyncratic assistance.

   •   Collaborate with the IT squad to deploy, configure, and support the FX Options trading applications and associated infrastructure.

   •   Monitor strategy performance, place imaginable issues, and instrumentality proactive measures to guarantee precocious availability and reliability.

   •   Act arsenic a superior constituent of interaction for traders and different extremity users, addressing their method queries and concerns promptly and effectively.

   •   Investigate and diagnose bundle and hardware issues, escalating analyzable problems to elder IT unit oregon vendors erstwhile necessary.

   •   Work intimately with improvement teams to analyse and papers strategy requirements arsenic good arsenic lend to the plan and implementation of enhancements oregon fixes.

   •   Conduct strategy investigating and enactment successful idiosyncratic acceptance investigating (UAT) to guarantee the prime and functionality of the applications.

   •   Develop and support method documentation, idiosyncratic guides, and enactment procedures.


   •   Proven acquisition successful a akin role, providing exertion enactment for fiscal systems.

   •   Strong cognition of FX Options trading concepts and terminology including currency pairs, spot, forwards, options, and marketplace conventions.

   •   Proficiency successful supporting and troubleshooting Windows applications.

   •   Solid knowing of database concepts and SQL query language.

   •   Strong cognition of AWS/Azure.

   •   Familiarity with FIX protocol and acquisition with FIX connectivity troubleshooting.

   •   Excellent problem-solving skills and quality to enactment good nether unit successful a fast-paced trading environment.

   •   Effective connection skills, some written and verbal, with the quality to articulate method concepts to non-technical users.

   •   Ability to enactment independently arsenic good arsenic collaboratively successful a team-oriented environment.

The Client is based successful the City of London.

The wage for this presumption with beryllium successful the scope £70K - £110K.

Do nonstop your CV to america successful Word format on with your wage and availability.