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Geophysicist / Senior Geophysicist £35,000 - £60,000 + Holiday + Progression + Training + Private Health Insurance Southampton - On Site Are you an ambitious Geophysicist looking for an breathtaking caller relation wrong a palmy institution wherever you volition beryllium moving connected ground-breaking projects wrong a niche and specializer industry? This is simply a fantastic accidental for a Geophysicist to proceed to make their skills and knowledge, whilst moving for a institution that volition enactment your idiosyncratic and nonrecreational development. Our lawsuit specialises successful each types of precocious solution seabed and adjacent aboveground detection geophysics, and is dedicated to bringing authorities of the creation ordnance detection and ultra precocious solution seismic methods to offshore industries. In this role, you'll beryllium moving successful a tiny squad oregon independently and straight with clients connected projects, wherever you volition beryllium participating successful each areas of geophysical surveying, vas mobilisation and a precocious prime of power and information processing. An perfect campaigner volition person acquisition successful marine geophysics who is looking for a caller institution that volition enactment you astatine the forefront of immoderate breathtaking projects, and enactment you whilst you summation invaluable skills and experience. Having acquisition successful Oasis montaj, SonarWiz and is acquainted with a scope of subbottom, sidescan sonar and magnetometer systems. This is simply a fantastic accidental to articulation a well-established yet rapidly increasing enactment offering you a amusive and dynamic moving environment, fantabulous grooming and progression, and a long-term, unchangeable career. The Role: * On committee prime power of geophysical information sets and pb information absorption & reporting * Setup and cognition of geophysical survey equipment * Processing and mentation of geophysical datasets The Person: * Experienced successful utilizing Oasis montaj, SonarWiz & a scope of subbottom, sidescan sonar and magnetometer systems * Degree educated successful geophysics oregon geotechnical applications oregon equivalent acquisition * Experience successful managing task deliverables and achieving transportation deadlines

Reference Number: BBBH - BBBH219538 To use for this relation oregon to beryllium considered for further roles, delight click "Apply Now" oregon interaction Rise Technical Recruitment. Rise Technical Recruitment Ltd acts an employment bureau for imperishable roles and an employment concern for impermanent roles. The wage advertised is the bracket disposable for this position. The existent wage paid volition beryllium babelike connected your level of experience, qualifications and accomplishment set. We are an adjacent opportunities leader and invited applications from each suitable candidates.