GPU Architect

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This is simply a superb accidental for a GPU Architect to articulation 1 of the world’s starring exertion companies. Based successful Cambridge oregon London, paying over-the-top marketplace salaries.

Our lawsuit is without a uncertainty 1 of the world’s astir Impressive and inspirational high-tech companies. They are looking for an technologist with a beardown inheritance successful Digital ASIC Design and GPU Architecture to articulation their squad processing the precise latest mobile GPU technology. The relation volition impact defining and processing the GPU architecture, arsenic good arsenic modelling and show investigation for caller GPU features.

This relation would suit a seasoned GPU Architect, oregon a Digital ASIC Design Engineer with a coagulated knowing of GPU Architecture looking to marque the adjacent measurement successful their career.

Essential requirements include:

  • A BSc oregon MSc successful Computer Science oregon applicable field
  • A fig of years’ coagulated hands-on acquisition wrong GPU architecture development
  • An knowing of graphics algorithms oregon shader programme plan and optimization
  • Experience with immoderate of the pursuing technologies: Vulkan, OpenGLES, Metal, DirectX11 oregon 12 and/or OpenCL
  • Very bully connection skills successful English, written and spoken

Our lawsuit is looking for the champion engineers and volition wage the champion salaries to match. UK visa sponsorship tin beryllium provided for the close candidate.

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