Head of Architecture and Integration - London

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Job Description

Head of Architecture and Integration - London

Our Client is an planetary concern slope based successful the City London.

They are present looking to enlistee a Head of Architecture and Integration.

You volition person astatine slightest 10 positive years astatine a elder level successful technology.

Provide end-end analysis, architectural specification, guidance and review

Identify options for delivering best-value solutions to conscionable the architectural strategy, balancing disposable clip and resources against strategical absorption and architecture

Distil analyzable problems for analysis, assessment, presumption and resolution

Support elder determination makers, and enactment the determination making process with consultation and in-depth expertise

Document and oversee project-specific principles and guidelines for solution design, physique and implementation

Produce architecture and plan documents specified arsenic process, information and enactment models, to intelligibly articulate the projected architectural solution

Support the solution plan for the project, by providing guidance to physique and implementation teams

Help support and widen the applicable endeavor architectural models.

Must person a grade successful Computer Science oregon Engineering qualification (or higher oregon equivalent)

Experience of moving successful an concern slope successful a assortment of method roles.

The Client is based successful the City of London.

The wage for this relation volition beryllium precise competitive.

Please nonstop your CV successful Word format on with wage and availability.