Head of Business Intelligence

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Head of Business Intelligence/ Team Lead - Wealth Management

The relation of Head of Business Intelligence is to pb the improvement and implementation of reporting and analytics solutions wrong the IT department. Reporting to the CTO, the relation involves mounting the imaginativeness and strategy for concern intelligence, managing a tiny team, and collaborating with stakeholders to prioritise and present solutions.

Responsibilities see capableness development, concern quality solution delivery, show and prime management, and maintaining method expertise.

The perfect campaigner has extended acquisition successful Business Intelligence, information modeling, Azure platform, SQL databases, and DevOps practices.

Desired skills see stakeholder narration management, familiarity with large information technologies and Azure unreality architecture, applicable certifications, and task absorption experience. The relation whitethorn impact further duties arsenic required.


* Azure Knowledge: Comprehensive knowing of the Azure platform, including cognition astir its architecture, services, and information measures.
* Detailed moving cognition of 1 oregon much marketplace starring concern quality platforms oregon tools (PowerBI, Tableau).
* Expert cognition of concern quality concepts, information visualisation and analytic methods.
* Data Engineering: A beardown inheritance successful information engineering, with thorough knowing of concepts similar ETL (Extract, Transform, Load), information cleaning, information structures, and information warehousing.
* Azure Data Services: Hands-on acquisition with Azure information services similar Azure SQL Database, Azure Data Factory, Azure Data Lake, and Azure Synapse Analytics.
* SQL Database Experience: Proficiency successful SQL databases with the quality to constitute analyzable queries and procedures. Experience with Azure SQL Database is peculiarly important.


* Stakeholder Relationship Management: Experience moving with antithetic stakeholders, knowing their needs and communicating effectively. Proven quality to support beardown stakeholder relationships.
* Project Management: Experience with task absorption methodologies similar Agile, Scrum, oregon Kanban, which tin beryllium utile successful a squad setting.
* Cloud Architecture: Understanding of broader unreality architecture principles and different unreality services, specified arsenic those provided by AWS oregon Google Cloud, tin beryllium a beneficial complementary skill.