Head of Security Culture

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Home based Help fortify our squad arsenic our Head of Security Culture. Home based role.

A large accidental to articulation our squad arsenic our Head of Security Culture to enactment our behavioural alteration and embedding information values crossed Capita by processing and implementing a broad behavioural and taste alteration programme. This includes providing guidance and expertise connected cardinal initiatives and projects from the Security team, to guarantee simplicity of our inquire and optimal behavioural change.

This relation involves strategizing, developing, and implementing initiatives that efficaciously pass and beforehand information champion practices crossed each levels of our concern with the extremity to foster a security-conscious environment, ensuring that information is simply a cardinal information successful each concern processes and decisions.

What You'll Be Doing:

    '€¢Security civilization development: Design and present a information civilization observability programme, ensuring we cognize what the macro, meso, and micro cultures are wrong the concern and what contributes to a anemic oregon beardown information culture. '€¢Strategic execution: Establish and support a strategy to foster a strong, affirmative information civilization and feeling of work passim the organisation, ensuring agelong term, sustained improvement. '€¢Choice architecture: Collaborate with cybersecurity experts to trade and instrumentality method solutions that nudge employees towards making unafraid choices much naturally, thereby simplifying unafraid actions and complicating insecure ones. '€¢Metrics: Establish and oversee a metrics model to efficaciously gauge and study the interaction of changes successful behavior, civilization evaluations, and reductions successful human-related risks. '€¢Behavioural diagnosis: Identify the behaviours down overarching information challenges, extracting the facilitators and barriers that request to alteration to efficaciously negociate quality risks. '€¢Cyber communications: Support successful some proactive and reactive information communications. '€¢Training and Education: Develop and present engaging and adaptive grooming and consciousness materials and activities that code assorted aspects of accusation security, including cyber threats, information protection, and incidental response. '€¢Engagement and Advocacy: Build and support a assemblage of Security Champions crossed the concern to assistance advocator unafraid behaviors and practices. '€¢Policy and Compliance: Ensure that information consciousness activities comply with applicable laws, regulations, and manufacture standards. '€¢Line Management: Provide enactment and guidance to your squad to continuously amended the transportation of behavioural change. '€¢Research: Continuously update cognition connected the latest theories and methodologies successful behavioral science, and research innovative strategies to execute our strategical goals

What we're looking for:

    '€¢Proven applicable enactment acquisition successful applying behavioural subject preferably successful ample and analyzable organisations. '€¢A beardown portfolio of behaviour alteration interventions that show your quality to design, implement, and measure interventions. '€¢Skilled successful monitoring and evaluating the effectiveness of behaviour alteration initiatives done some qualitative and quantitative probe methods. '€¢Able to constitute elaborate reports that explicate the behavioural subject aspects of cybersecurity to some method and non-technical audiences. '€¢Demonstrated quality to found and negociate a tiny team, promoting a cooperative and inclusive workplace culture. '€¢Strong knowing of behaviour alteration theories, methodologies, and their assessment.  '€¢An undergraduate oregon master's degree successful a applicable tract specified arsenic accusation and cyber security, psychology, behavioural economics, organisational behaviour. '€¢A coagulated knowing of the sociotechnical aspects of cyber information specified arsenic people-centric security, the relation of quality factors and the latest grounds connected behaviour alteration for cyber security. '€¢A coagulated knowing of the theories, principles, and methods of behavioural subject and acquisition successful however they tin beryllium applied to organisational settings. '€¢Possess fantabulous written, verbal, and presumption skills, susceptible of engaging efficaciously with each organisational levels and disciplines. 

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