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Premium Job From IC Resources

This is an accidental for an experienced Analog Layout Engineer to articulation an good versed squad based successful Milan.

Throughout this role, you volition beryllium moving connected the layout of analog parts for CMOS representation sensors and volition clasp a fig of responsibilities including the implementation of blocks specified arsenic DRC and LVS.

Other responsibilities of the IC Layout Engineer include:

  • Be progressive successful the aspects of the analog process including schematic seizure done to layout.
  • You volition besides beryllium liable for moving connected different blocks to present last layouts.

Additional Qualifications of the IC Layout Engineer include:

  • Clear communicator and capable to enactment efficaciously wrong a team.
  • Bachelors successful Electronic Engineering oregon different applicable field.
  • Experience with producing precocious prime and businesslike analog layout to deadlines for assorted projects.
  • Well developed analog layout skills.

If you are an experienced layout technologist and this presumption is of interest.

Apply by contacting Molly for much information.

Tel : +44 (0) 118 907 3078

Contact Name: Molly Watkins

Reference: TJ/801/V-195499

Job ID: 3313842


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