IC Test Development Engineer

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An fantabulous accidental has go disposable for a IC Test Development Engineer to articulation a worldwide electronics institution that focuses connected the improvement of innovative exertion successful the tract of powerfulness electronics.

As an IC Test Development Engineer you volition person a fig of halfway responsibilities that include:

  • Maintaining accumulation trial bundle and hardware
  • Analysing accumulation yield
  • Developing scripts for measurements results
  • Optimising trial programme codes

To beryllium considered for the IC Test Development Engineer accidental you indispensable person anterior acquisition with basal programming/ scripting skills which see Python and C++, acquisition with mixed awesome IC testing, acquisition with Teradyne testers, laboratory instrumentality and trial planning, and beryllium fluent successful English.

If you would similar further accusation astir the IC Test Development Engineer accidental oregon person involvement successful making an application, delight interaction Jade Arnott.