Internal Audit

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Internal Audit, Payment Services

Company lawsuit is supporting a starring consultancy concern with the enlargement of their payments interior audit division. The squad has vacancies astatine aggregate levels from elder advisor to elder manager.

The part supports e-money and payments platforms with regulatory reviews, specifically safeguarding. Audit walk connected safeguarding has accrued importantly implicit the past fewer years arsenic the FCA has turned their attraction to e-money and payments firms.

Required skills:

* Experience with audit oregon regulatory assurance
* In extent cognition of payments and e-money firms
* In lieu of payments oregon e-money acquisition CASS tin beryllium an effectual transferable accomplishment set

If you are funny successful being portion of a increasing squad successful a processing marketplace past this is the accidental for you. The squad boast fantabulous opportunities for progression and volition let you to go an adept successful a abstraction that is lone going to proceed its enlargement arsenic the FCA dedicates much resources to regulating the emerging payments landscape.

To find retired much astir the relation oregon person a confidential speech astir your vocation options delight use the occupation online.