Intune SME

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***SC Cleared***

Intune SME

Gloucester Or Warrington based with Remote moving (1-2 days onsite per week)

6 Month declaration initially

Rates: marketplace rates (Umbrella-PAYE)

We are moving with a starring consultancy, a agelong word lawsuit and a marketplace person successful their field. We are looking for an Intune SME to articulation the squad connected a large programme of work.

Key Responsibilities:

* Microsoft Intune Administration: Configure and negociate Microsoft Intune for instrumentality enrollment, exertion deployment, and compliance policies. Develop and instrumentality Intune profiles and policies to guarantee a unafraid and productive instrumentality environment.

* Application Packaging and Deployment: Package and deploy bundle applications utilizing tools specified arsenic Microsoft Intune prep tool. Ensure standardized and businesslike deployment processes for bundle crossed the organization.

o Managing and assigning applications to users.

o Managing app settings remotely.

o Identify and deploy exertion updates done Microsoft Intune.

* Endpoint Security: Implement and show information policies done Intune, including conditional entree and compliance settings. Collaborate with the information squad to heighten endpoint extortion and respond to information incidents.

* Hardware knowledge: Hardware cognition and troubleshooting.

* Device Lifecycle management: Configuration of Windows Autopilot, deployment of OS upgrades and exertion on with MDM, MAM, MCM policies.

* MDM - Management of MDM level (Microsoft Intune)

* Support -Provide medication and method enactment for devices and troubleshoot analyzable method issues.

* Scripting and automation: Develop and support bundle solutions/scripts to enactment automation of Intune configuration and medication to make desired authorities configuration for Azure Cloud Platform.

Key Skills / Experience:

* Strong acquisition with Device Management done Intune.

* Strong acquisition to Configure and deploy Auto-Pilot wrong Intune

* Strong cognition successful acceptable up and enrolment of devices, negociate users and licenses, delegate roles, enroll Windows and mobile devices, negociate profiles for Windows devices.

* Define and instrumentality RBAC wrong inTune.

* E3 PowerShell Scripting skills

* Deep knowing of Intune and Azure

* Implementing Microsoft Azure tenant-level configuration, including Intune, Azure Active Directory (AAD) administration, Conditional Access Policy (CA).

* Create and Maintain Windows Compliance Policies.

* Excellent connection skills

* Migration and implementation of Intune and defined services.

* Experience successful Agile and Scrum improvement methodology

* Proficiency successful Modern workplace technologies: Microsoft 365, Microsoft Azure, Windows 10/11, instrumentality management

* Experience successful Auto Pilot and RBAC

* Configuration of Windows Autopilot, deployment of OS upgrades

* Experienced successful OS migration done Intune

* Experience Intune exertion deployment and Protection

* Manage Intune licence and Implement compliance.

* Application onboarding, provisioning & deployment via Intune platform. Good cognition connected exertion packaging and MSI technologies.

* Creation of provisioning profiles, configurations & information profiles and deployment to managed lawsuit devices.

* Enterprise instrumentality provisioning, management, configuration, life-cycle management.

* Understanding of Azure AD Connect and Azure AD directory work for managing unreality identity.

* Understanding of SSO and MFA technologies for SaaS applications

This is simply a fantastic accidental connected a large programme of work.

Apply present for your CV to scope maine straight and we volition reply arsenic soon arsenic possible.

Due to the quality and urgency of this post, candidates holding oregon who person held precocious level information clearance successful the past are astir invited to apply. Please enactment palmy applicants volition beryllium required to beryllium information cleared anterior to assignment which tin instrumentality up to a minimum 10 weeks. LA International is simply a HMG approved ICT Recruitment and Project Solutions Consultancy, operating globally from the largest azygous tract successful the UK arsenic an IT Consultancy oregon arsenic an Employment Business & Agency depending upon the precise quality of the work, for information cleared jobs oregon non-clearance vacancies, LA International invited applications from each sections of the assemblage and from radical with divers acquisition and backgrounds.

Award Winning LA International, victor of the Recruiter Awards for Excellence, Best IT Recruitment Company, Best Public Sector Recruitment Company and wide Gold Award winner, has present secured the astir prestigious concern grant that immoderate concern tin receive, The Queens Award for Enterprise: International Trade, for the 2nd consecutive period.