Inventive Physics / Electronics Graduate / PhD

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Creating caller IP from user electronics to aesculapian devices

For the technophile whose curiosity extends crossed physics, electronics and beyond. Much of commercialized merchandise improvement is iterative; this relation cuts crossed that, successful the instauration of marque caller patentable designs successful a assortment of fields. Collaboratively probe existing inventions, brainstorm and innovate to nutrient marque caller IP for apical companies.

You apt person studied physics oregon electronics, and person hobby projects successful perchance precise antithetic areas. You cognize however household exertion works, and tin explicate it. You're not intimidated by an abundance of method information, similar patents, from antithetic fields - alternatively you bask knowing them and whitethorn find them fascinating.

You'd beryllium blessed to use your vigor and creativity successful coming up with (assisted by likeminded colleagues) caller viable inventions successful a assortment of sectors which mightiness see user electronics, greenish tech oregon vigor saving, aesculapian devices, communications tech, automotive and/or aerospace.

Your CV volition amusement relevance, and your illustration volition besides include:
   •      An engineering oregon technological bachelor's grade (1st oregon 2:1 from a Russell Group oregon comparable university), astir apt successful physics oregon electronics, but perchance successful different technological oregon engineering fields. You'll person beardown supporting A-level oregon equivalent grades. You apt besides person a method master's degree, PhD, oregon MBA.
   •      Communication skills, resourcefulness, you are collaborative, and see yourself to beryllium an inventive oregon originative person. These skills volition beryllium exercised during interview.
   •      Availability to commencement enactment successful the outpouring of 2024, and afloat existing UK enactment support without clip bounds oregon restriction.

You'd enactment from the Cambridge oregon London bureau 2 days per week with location moving different days. The institution offers a rewarding bonus scheme, and the accidental for expenses-paid travel.

Another apical occupation from ECM, the high-tech recruitment experts.     

Even if this job's not rather right, bash interaction america present - we whitethorn good person the perfect occupation for you. To sermon your requirements telephone ecm oregon email your CV. We volition ever inquire earlier forwarding your CV.

Please use (quoting ref: TJ27141) lone if you are eligible to unrecorded and enactment successful the UK. By submitting your details you certify that the accusation you supply is accurate.