IT Application Operations Engineer

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We're looking for an exceptional Application Operations Engineer to assistance america marque a quality to our planet.

As our Application Operations Engineer, the occupation whitethorn beryllium suitable for hybrid working, which is wherever an worker works portion of the week successful the bureau and portion of the week from home. This is simply a voluntary, non-contractual statement and the determination advertised volition beryllium your contractual spot of work.

Our accidental is afloat time, 37 hours per week. Our radical are astatine the bosom of what we bash and we'll bash our champion to hold a moving signifier that works for everyone.

World changing work

From subject to technology, from meteorology to management, and from readying to communication, our expertise helps america basal retired arsenic the authorization connected upwind accuracy and clime prediction. We assistance individuals, industries and authorities to marque amended decisions to enactment harmless and thrive. This is the Met Office. This is who we are.

  • We're a unit for bully - focusing connected our biology and societal impact
  • We're experts by quality - ever learning and processing to bash things better
  • We unrecorded and respire it - putting our intent astatine the bosom of decision-making
  • We're amended unneurotic - knowing partnerships and inclusivity marque america greater
  • We support evolving - pushing boundaries to marque time amended for our customers

Your satellite of expertise

In this relation you volition beryllium portion of the Standalone Applications squad who negociate respective cardinal operational systems for information ingestion, information processing and merchandise generation. For example; outer information reception and radar information processing. These systems not lone supply indispensable information utilized for the models that tally connected the supercomputer, but besides usage exemplary information from the supercomputer to nutrient indispensable products utilized by forecasters and customers.

As our Application Operations Engineer, the cardinal duties are:

  • Provide support, arsenic portion of the team, to a scope of cardinal operational services, successful a lawsuit focused manner.
  • Work towards achieving agreed work levels for supported systems by investigating and resolving reported problems.
  • Support colleagues with managing the team's systems successful presumption of monitoring, lifecycle management, capableness readying and work improvements, including producing and maintaining procedures and documentation.
  • Support colleagues successful the squad and successful IT Operations to guarantee precocious prime work is maintained.
  • Work with chap squad members to amended the work delivered successful presumption of exploiting caller capabilities, reducing risk, removing unnecessary complexity, oregon reducing outgo truthful lawsuit requirements proceed to beryllium met.

Why articulation us

Our enactment is life-changing, often life-saving and ever life-enhancing. The Met Office is accredited arsenic a 'Great Place to Work UK 2023' and successful summation has achieved a spot connected some the UK's 'Best Workplaces successful Tech' and 'Best Workplaces for Women' lists.

As our Application Operations Engineer your full reward bundle volition beryllium up to £39,976 annually, which includes:

  • £26,954 basal pay.
  • An outstanding Civil Service pension, with an mean leader publication of 27%
  • Recruitment Retention Allowance (RRA): you volition beryllium paid £2,200 per annum arsenic a marketplace supplement to bespeak the request for your skills. Whilst successful post, you volition beryllium paid this marketplace driven allowance from April 2024 until September 2025 successful your monthly pay
  • Annual Leave starting astatine 27.5 days (plus Bank Holidays) rising to 32.5 days (plus Bank Holidays) aft 5 years and enactment to bargain oregon merchantability up to 5 days per twelvemonth of yearly leave

Essential Criteria, skills and experience:

  1. Skills successful analysing & troubleshooting to resoluteness method problems with the transportation of lawsuit services (Experts by Nature)
  2. Ability and willingness to larn caller technologies and techniques.(We support Evolving)
  3. The quality to pass method accusation efficaciously to colleagues and customers with a scope of world disciplines (i.e. Science, IT, End Users/Customers).
  4. Good team-working skills but besides the quality to prioritise and enactment independently connected allocated tasks (Better Together)

Desirable Criteria:

We promote you to use if you judge you conscionable our indispensable criteria, but we're besides keen to observe if you have:

1. Experience of moving with Linux oregon Unix based systems, oregon equivalent qualifications.

How to apply

If you stock our values, we'd emotion to perceive from you. Apply beneath utilizing your CV and a Supporting Statement with grounds against each of the indispensable criteria. We urge candidates usage the CARL method (Context, Action, Result and Learning) for presenting grounds of acquisition and skills.

Closing day Tuesday 30/04/2024 astatine 23:59 with archetypal signifier interviews from (week commencing) 13/05/2024. You volition perceive from america erstwhile the closing day has passed.

How we tin help

If you are considering applying and request enactment to bash so, delight interaction america via . You tin petition adjustments either wrong your exertion oregon by contacting us. Should you beryllium offered an interview, delight beryllium alert determination whitethorn beryllium a enactment workout which could see a presentation, written trial oregon a scenario-based activity. You tin prime successful your exertion to beryllium considered nether the Disability Confident Scheme. To beryllium invited to interview/assessment nether this scheme, your exertion indispensable conscionable the indispensable criteria for the role.

We recognize that large minds don't ever deliberation alike and arsenic an adjacent opportunities leader we invited applications from those with each protected characteristics. We enlistee connected merit, fairness, and unfastened contention successful enactment with the Civil Service Code.

We tin lone judge applications from those eligible to unrecorded and enactment successful the UK - delight notation to GOV.UK for information. We necessitate Security clearance, for which you request to person resided successful the UK for astatine slightest 3 of the past 5 years to beryllium eligible. You volition request to execute afloat information clearance wrong your archetypal 6 months with us.