IT Applications and Infrastructure Support Analyst

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Job Description

IT Applications and Infrastructure Support Analyst

Our Client a slope based successful Central London is looking to enlistee a seasoned nonrecreational with astatine slightest 5 to 10 years hands-on expertise astatine 2 nd and 3 rd level support.

  • 1st and 2nd Line Troubleshooting / Root-Cause Analysis, Documentation constitute ups for Knowledge Base Articles
  • Be an integral portion of the Support squad successful supporting and delivering each facet of services and afloat scope of lawsuit enactment including, but not constricted to: Workstation Imaging, Hardware Configurations, Deployment of Software and Hardware, AD Management, Asset Management, Ticket Queuing Management (Alloy Navigator) and wide general ratio to present the champion work we tin to our Users.
  • Be the look and cardinal constituent of each incoming IT queries and issues, with pursuing ITIL champion signifier to guarantee we ever present high-standards of operations
  • Liaise with colleagues successful London and outer enactment / 3rd enactment to present resolutions for analyzable matters arsenic we're successful the process of galore IT migration projects from bequest to caller arsenic good arsenic beingness cycling projects
  • Ensure each cardinal information for IT is up-to-date, applicable and attraction to high-level, to comply with the Bank's auditing principals and processes.
  • Ensure the Support Team execute SLA targets the concern outlines and beryllium portion of a proficient and proactive Support Unit

Regulatory Duties:

  • Maintain cognition of each applicable regulatory requirements including the Bank's Risk and Compliance policies and procedures and adhere to these to debar exposing the Bank to undue risk.
  • Report argumentation / process breaches and areas of imaginable non-compliance and suspicions promptly upon recognition successful accordance with the Bank's Risk and Compliance policies.
  • Accurately execute each controls wrong ain country to minimise hazard of policy, process and / oregon regulatory breaches.
  • Identify caller risks / power gaps wrong ain country and escalate accordingly to your Line Manager and / oregon regulatory exercises.
  • Training nether a Senior IT Engineer / Head of Infrastructure successful the Team during Probation period
  • As portion of the probation period, duty of tiny broadside IT table projects to enactment and present IT Projects
  • Complete each yearly mandatory regulatory refresher grooming arsenic per the Bank's grooming plans and deadlines.
  • Proactively question to implicit recommended method and behavioural competencies grooming required for your role.

Technical Experience Required:

  • Exposure to Market Data, Bloomberg, Trader Support
  • Microsoft Windows (all versions) acquisition to a precocious level (troubleshoot and efficaciously resoluteness issues by research/using cognition bases successful a assured way).
  • Active Directory to a medium-high level - information groups, administration/deployment, LDAP, ADSI.
  • Citrix XenApps - Administration, Maintenance and Support of existing Citrix XenApps server farm
  • Windows Server Environment 2012/2016 - design, deployment, attraction and support.
  • VM-Ware virtualisation environments.
  • Backups (various and quality to usage antithetic applications).
  • Networking - design/troubleshoot/installation (VLAN, routing, switching, TCP/IP and OSI)
  • Router attraction - wireless configuration, installation and setups.
  • PowerShell to a competent level (backup/azure/EMC).
  • VPN Administration and Deployment.
  • DNS - medication of DNS interior and external.

Salary volition beryllium successful the scope £50K - £65K.

The presumption is hybrid with 3 days successful the bureau successful Central London.

Do nonstop your CV to america successful Word format on with your wage and announcement period.

Contact Name:

Reference: TJ/5946/NJ0494

Job ID: 3321591