IT Director

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Job Description

IT Director

We connection leading-edge capability, exertion and innovation to alteration companies to instrumentality products into objective trials and supply clinical, process development, manufacturing, regulatory, wellness economics and marketplace entree expertise.

Our purpose is to marque the UK the astir compelling and logical prime for UK and planetary partners to make and commercialise these precocious therapies.

Leadership of the IT radical to work outer and interior customers.

Our Client is seeking to enlistee an IT Director with exceptional credentials and expertise successful mounting up the readying and strategy model for the institution going forward.

You volition person astatine slightest 10 years expertise astatine a elder level.

Key Accountabilities:

           Working with the CFO and Operational leaders acceptable the strategy and objectives

           Select the close people, develop, and manager the squad

           Support interior customers done effectual concern partnering

           Deliver IT services to customers/collaborators nonmigratory astatine the institution locations including access/integration to Company concern systems and infrastructure (communication/hardware)

           Ensure information of information and systems balancing effectiveness with the request for collaboration internally and with customers

           Deliver continuous betterment of services for interior and outer stakeholders and Collaborators

           Ensure IT Services and are delivered efficiently and efficaciously

           Manage transportation of services wrong the agreed fund

Required Experience:

           A minimum of 10 years' acquisition starring IT astatine a elder absorption level

           Track grounds of delivering results rapidly

           Experience successful delivering IT services to customers

           Work successful a GMP oregon highly regulated situation

Preferred Experience:

           Experience of agile merchandise improvement

           Experience of Lean Six Sigma

           Infrastructure transportation (networking, hardware) to customers

           Experience with information subject task transportation

Knowledge / Skills / Competencies:

           Highly motivated, pragmatic, and applicable to enactment the ngo of the Company to accelerate the improvement of a commercialized compartment and gene-based therapy manufacture successful the UK.

           High level interpersonal, connection (oral and written) skills.

           Resilient, with the quality to negociate aggregate and varied tasks and prioritise workload wrong a fast-paced nonrecreational environment, with a beardown attraction to detail.

           Flexible and pragmatic, capable to larn rapidly and respond flexibly to task needs and priorities.

           Project ownership and pridefulness successful its delivery.

           Ability to enactment good nether pressure, to enactment independently and to beryllium capable to instrumentality the inaugural erstwhile completing tasks.

           Ambitious, collaborative, driven.

           Comfortable operating autonomously erstwhile goals and objectives are set.

           Able to measure analyzable situations and find solutions for them successful a nonrecreational manner.

           Ability to rapidly found credibility and physique rapport and trust.

           Proven quality to prosecute constructively with colleagues astatine each levels crossed antithetic departments to present objectives and to respond to a wide scope of lawsuit and absorption needs.

           Proven diplomacy skills with divers groups of interior and outer stakeholders.

           High grade of motivation, occupation solving skills and innovative thinking.

           A bully squad subordinate with a hands-on approach, and adaptable to caller challenges.

           A affirmative cognition towards learning, idiosyncratic and nonrecreational development.

           Keeps up to day with nonrecreational knowledge, expertise, and champion practice.

           Willingness to travel.

           Proven coaching/mentoring ability.

           Strong presumption skills.

           Sincere and unafraid - accepts ain mistakes - prioritises squad implicit idiosyncratic goals.

           Driven and proactive - goes supra and beyond the telephone of work to execute institution results.

           Astute and persuasive - leads and inspires colleagues.

           Strong influencing and enactment skills.

Understands influencing, stakeholder absorption and dialog strategies.

The Client is ideally seeking idiosyncratic from a Pharmaceutical oregon Bio Science inheritance and who understands however to enactment with the authorities and authorities funding.

This presumption volition negociate 15 radical wrong the IT team.


Degree level qualification

MBA preferred

IT qualifications preferred but not indispensable

Location and Travel:

           Contracted determination Stevenage            Ability to question to Company locations

The relation volition beryllium based adjacent Stevenage with hybrid working.

The complaint volition beryllium competitory - circa £1000 per day.

This volition beryllium a 12 period declaration assignment.

Please nonstop your CV to america successful Word format on with your complaint and availability.