Javascript Front End Developer- Central London

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Job Description

Javascript Front End Developer - Central London

JavaScript Engineer required to articulation a accelerated increasing institution and signifier the aboriginal of payments cross-platform and cross-device?

Evolving successful an agile and collaborative environment, you volition beryllium portion of a multidisciplinary and excellence-driven squad and bring your coagulated autochthonal JavaScript skills and position to each projects that you're progressive in.

The relation is uniquely positioned to beryllium profoundly progressive successful the full merchandise lifecycle, moving broadside by broadside with Front-End & Back-End Developers, Architects and Designers towards a communal goal: supply millions of online shoppers worldwide with the champion imaginable outgo experience.

The perfect campaigner indispensable unrecorded and respire agile and firmly judge successful creating clean, testable code.

Key Responsibilities

Create intuitive, robust, and reusable idiosyncratic interfaces utilizing Vanilla JS Build transverse platform, transverse browser, responsive HTML5 and CSS3 Engage successful the full merchandise improvement rhythm to recognize concern objectives and idiosyncratic goals, and guarantee solutions connection existent worth to our customers Produce precocious prime solutions that volition heighten oregon simplify existing processes

Work with designers to beforehand marque and interface guidelines Encourage the usage of champion practices and workflows passim the enactment Contribute to squad discussions and stand-ups

Mentor Junior Team members

Skills & Experience

Excellent JavaScript (Vanilla) with codification patterns

Good cognition of immoderate JS frameworks (e.g. Angular, Backbone)

Complete knowing of the afloat web stack

Solid cognition of CSS pre-processors (SASS, LESS) and HTML5

Knowledge of immoderate server broadside languages (e.g. PHP, NodeJS)

Knowledge of immoderate lawsuit / server investigating model (e.g. Mocha, Jasmine, JUnit) Bilingual English and JavaScript

Salary volition beryllium successful the scope £40K to £60K Per Annum.

Please nonstop your CV to america successful Word format.