JEE Cloud Software Developer- Columbus Ohio USA

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Job Description

JEE Cloud Software Developer - Columbus Ohio USA


  • Contribute precocious prime root codification successful an agile scrum environment.
  • Represents the squad successful architectural/infrastructure discussions, champions champion practices, driving coding standards, performing codification reviews, and providing cardinal process betterment recommendations.
  • Analyzes developer toolset, thrust improvements and besides identify, assess, and papers method designs for assigned projects.


  • Familiarity with J2EE, specifically with gathering REST services.
  • Familiarity with Database fundementals(Both Relational and NoSQL).
  • Familarity with Cloud Native principles and successful gathering unreality autochthonal applications.
  • Familiarity with source power technologies similar Git oregon SVN.Familarity with physique and trial automation.


  • Ability to rapidly larn caller skills.
  • Proficiency successful root codification power tooling. Proficiency successful continuous integration.
  • Prefered DevOps experience

The duty is based successful Columbus Ohio.

Duration of the duty is 6 months.

You indispensable person the applicable documents to beryllium capable to enactment successful the USA.

Please nonstop your CV to america successful Word format on with your hourly complaint and availability.

Contact Name:

Reference: TJ/5946/NJ0276

Job ID: 3312661


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