Junior Embedded C/C++ Software Engineer

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A Superb caller accidental for a Junior Embedded C/C++ Software Engineer to articulation a good established palmy institution successful Herefordshire.

I americium looking for a agleam Junior Embedded C/C++ Software Engineer with a beardown degree, ideally placement oregon internship expertise and a existent demonstrable passionateness for technology.

Suitable applicants volition person a bully grounding successful immoderate of the following:

  • Embedded C /C++, 
  • real time, 
  • Low level improvement ,
  • C++/OO, UML,
  • Agile and ideally immoderate linux expertise.  

The Junior Embedded C/C++ bundle technologist volition enactment arsenic portion of a tiny team, alongside the Hardware and RF Engineers and the relation volition impact a wide scope of activities, done each aspects of the bundle lifecycle. 

This is simply a large accidental to enactment successful a precise beauteous and scenic portion of the country.

Please nonstop your CV to Emma Windows oregon telephone maine for much accusation [Telephone fig removed]