Junior GIS Consultant

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Do you person acquisition of utilizing ArcGIS and are looking to turn your vocation successful GIS? We person a large accidental for you to articulation our supportive Products Comms squad arsenic a Junior Customer Success Consultant.  

If you are a bully communicator and would similar to make your knowing of however ArcGIS tin lick real-world problems, past we would emotion to perceive from you. Please use online via our website today!

We are flexible, you tin enactment from 1 of our offices successful Aylesbury, Cambridge oregon Edinburgh respective days per week, connected the different days you tin enactment from home.  We are besides blessed to see afloat and portion clip applications.

As a Junior GIS Consultant / Junior Customer Success Consultant, you will:

  • Help pass method knowledge, some internally and externally, expanding our customers knowing of ArcGIS.
  • Work with your colleagues to proceed to turn your knowing of however Esri technology, information and services tin beryllium utilized to lick real-world problems.
  • Support our selling team, utilizing your method expertise to assistance pass the benefits of utilizing ArcGIS, via integer content, merchandise campaigns and blogs.
  • Assist with preparing method contented for conferences, lawsuit events and webinars.
  • Keep up to day with our merchandise releases and rival solutions, having a wide knowing of however our merchandise differs.
  • Support and mentor graduates erstwhile they are successful our department.

This would beryllium a large vocation determination for you if you:

  • Already person utilized ArcGIS successful a commercialized oregon Academic setting.
  • Are keen to make your cognition of ArcGIS and capabilities, articulating however it tin payment a concern and lick their problems.
  • Have a keen involvement successful the GIS industry, knowledgeable astir the exertion of GIS.
  • Can deliberation creatively, uncovering innovative ways to lick problems and pass the benefits of GIS.
  • Are alert of cardinal IT manufacture trends and our competitors.
  • Are a bully communicator and presenter, capable to physique beardown concern relationships with your colleagues?
  • Work flexibly, enjoying the situation of gathering deadlines.
  • Ideally educated to grade level successful Geography, GIS oregon Computer Science, oregon person equivalent experience.
  • Are blessed to question wrong the UK, staying overnight to be events and lawsuit locations occasionally.
  • Essential - you are based successful the UK and entitled to enactment afloat clip present and are blessed to acquisition information clearance if successful.

We volition reward you with:

  • A bully basal wage starting from circa £24k+ rising with experience, positive a generous institution bonus strategy paying up to 20% per annum.
  • Excellent improvement opportunities
  • A large benefits package, including a pension, Vitality healthcare scheme, gym contribution, rhythm to enactment scheme. We judge arsenic a institution that we should springiness backmost wherever we tin and truthful besides connection volunteering days for a foundation that is important to you.

Please use online and see your CV and a screen letter.

Application deadline: 27th May 2024, however we volition beryllium interviewing suitable candidates sooner, truthful delight use ASAP!

 A small much astir america .....

Esri UK uses mapping exertion to assistance our customers lick the world's astir analyzable challenges. Our passionateness for improving prime of beingness done geography is astatine the bosom of everything we do. We enactment governments, universities, businesses and charities worldwide to prevention money, amended society, and support our situation done a deeper knowing of the changing satellite astir them.

Esri UK is simply a thriving and inclusive workplace. We instrumentality pridefulness successful our civilization and recognise the worth our radical bring. We judge successful creating a balanced and flexible work/life situation and put successful learning and improvement astatine each stages of an individual's career. We judge connected promoting from wrong and connection agelong word vocation accidental successful a successful, increasing business.

Esri UK are an adjacent accidental leader - we recognise the value and worth of having a divers and inclusive workforce and the benefits that this tin bring to some our employees and our customers. 

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