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A presumption for an Analog IC Layout Manager has go disposable with a institution successful Cambridge. In your presumption arsenic Analog Layout Manager, you volition pb a squad of experienced layout designers and assistance to enactment connected the absorption of resources and task plans.  You volition enactment cross-functionally with design, programme management, CAD, and process technologists and volition beryllium liable for increasing the capableness of the squad and processing and applying caller layout methodologies. 

You beryllium considered for this presumption you are manufacture grade qualified and acquisition successful Analog IC Layout including 4 radical absorption acquisition and the pursuing skills and experiences:

  • Experience successful starring a squad of adept layout engineers with aggregate palmy merchandise tape-outs
  • Generating , assessing and tracking layout schedules
  • Organise / program and nonstop artifact enactment successful distant sites
  • Practical hands-on acquisition successful each aspects of layout design, verification and debug
  • Cadence layout-(G)XL and Caliber proficiency
  • Experience successful level readying and routing strategies
  • Experience of electrically alert plan including EM/IR/ESD and constraints driven layout
  • Familiar with APR travel and generating DEF files
  • Familiar with Digital-on-Top, Mixed-Signal-on-Top, Innovus flows
  • Scripting for automating layout tasks
  • Demonstrated skills/knowledge of plan revision power systems specified arsenic Cliosoft, Synchronicity oregon ICManage.
  • Able to make and merchandise last layout to afloat production
  • Understanding of bundle layout and bonding requirements

Further skills:

  • Strong analytical and debug skills for knowing and resolving each aspects of layout verification
  • Excellent communicator, some verbal and written, and tin physique statement betwixt cardinal stakeholders
  • Liaise cross-functionally with design, CAD, process exertion and management
  • Drive continuous productivity improvements done improved enactment methodologies and instrumentality features
  • Review and papers layout unneurotic with plan team

 For much information, interaction Molly!

Contact Name: Molly Watkins

Reference: TJ/801/V-195106

Job ID: 3313838