Lead Control Systems Engineer

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Lead Control Systems Engineer
Hybrid 3 days successful London Mortlake SW14 office, with adhoc lawsuit tract visits successful the UK.
Permanent unit role.

The Position

Company client is seeking an experienced Control Systems Engineer to enactment america connected a fig of unrecorded projects wrong the vigor and utilities sectors. The relation volition enactment our lawsuit and interior squad done the afloat task lifecycle, from plan to delivery. The relation volition task negociate the method realisation of solutions including managing resources and deliverables. Whilst the relation volition encompass projects crossed a portfolio of clients, the contiguous request volition beryllium focussing connected an innovation task which is present being rolled retired arsenic Business-As-Usual for our lawsuit surrounding the build, implementation and attraction of an in-house SCADA solution utilizing unfastened root technology.

Key responsibilities:

* Engineering absorption with DCS/SCADA/PLC and Safety Systems.
* Carry retired afloat lifecycle activities connected brownfield projects, including the instauration of idiosyncratic specifications, trial procedures, PLC bundle programming, and on-site investigating arsenic required.
* Full task lifecycle papers control, including instauration and maintenance.
* Feed/Pre-Feed surveys and proposals.
* Project planning, workflow absorption on with connection to stakeholders.
* Risk recognition and mitigation.
* Working with readying colleagues to make and support realisation programmes.

Qualifications, Skills & Experience


* Extensive Control Systems experience.
* Knowledge of afloat PLC bundle plan and physique lifecycle, including associated planetary standards.
* Experience successful utilizing 1 oregon much power strategy hardware platforms (such arsenic Siemens, Allen Bradley, ABB).
* Ability to multi-task and negociate aggregate task requirements simultaneously.
* Technical qualification to HND oregon Degree level (e.g. Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, Systems Engineering).


* Experienced successful moving to CDM regulations.
* Linux level proficiency.
* Ability to gully connected a scope of task absorption skills, tools and approaches.
* Experience wrong Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Process oregon Gas Compression.