Lead Integration Architect

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Lead Integration Architect

A Lead Integration Architect with bully strategical enactment with a passionateness for exertion and innovation? You'll thrust our integration strategy, moving intimately with a squad of dedicated architects and stakeholders.

Salary betwixt £69,869 - £89,995 p.a. plus 28.97% employer pension contributions, hybrid hub / location working, flexible hours, and large enactment beingness balance.


Your prime of Birmingham, Blackpool, Manchester oregon Newcastle. We enactment a hybrid exemplary immoderate clip astatine home, sometime successful the office.

DWP. Digital with Purpose.

As the UK's largest nationalist work department, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) administers the State Pension and a scope of working-age, disability, and ill-health benefits to astir 20 cardinal claimants and customers. Our purpose is to amended people's day-to-day lives, assistance them physique fiscal resilience, and make a much unafraid and prosperous future.

Our DWP Digital teams are utilizing caller ideas and ground-breaking technologies to make innovative, scalable, and user-centric integer solutions that are changing however authorities works.

The standard of what we bash is extraordinary, and our intent is unique. You volition articulation our assemblage of Integration Architects crossed DWP Digital.

Tell maine much astir the presumption

As a Lead Integration Architect, you volition beryllium liable for the method plan of the DWP API, Events and File Transfer Services, and by applying your method speciality successful these areas making them a reality.

You volition enactment with america to streamline processes and thrust efficiencies crossed our integer landscape.

With a squad of astir 130, you'll foster a civilization of innovation and excellence, influencing our wider solution designer community.

You volition beryllium a cardinal subordinate of our Integration enactment squad providing vision, information and a collaborative power passim the wider team.

You volition pb connected the assurance of strategical integration solutions, and enactment with Integration Team leads, work owners and domain architects crossed DWP.

You'll request a blend of skills, including method development, and architecture, arsenic good enactment and connection skills.

Your Essential Skills:

  • API and event-based architecture design, patterns (including pub-sub and information streaming), modelling techniques, tools and standards.
  • Architecting events based architectures crossed aggregate data-centres and nationalist clouds.
  • API gateway and micro-gateway patterns and capabilities specified arsenic postulation control, security, logging, monitoring and authentication e.g. Kong API Gateway.
  • Agile / DevOps transportation methodologies and champion practice.
  • Public unreality technologies, unreality hosting, container, and networking plan patterns, tools and champion practice.
  • Presenting to method governance forums.

Details. Wages. Perks.

In instrumentality for your skills, we wage betwixt £69,869 - £89,995 per annum.

You volition besides person a superb civilian work pension, with leader contributions of 28.97% worthy up to £22,500 each year.

Plus, a generous permission bundle starting astatine 26 days, rising implicit clip to 31 days.

We besides person a wide benefits bundle built astir your work-life equilibrium which includes:

  • Flexible working, flexi hours and flexi days
  • Hybrid working: immoderate clip successful a hub with the team, immoderate clip astatine location
  • Family-friendly policies
  • Time disconnected volunteering and charitable giving
  • Bring your authentic aforesaid to enactment with 'I Can Be Me successful DWP'
  • Discounts and savings connected shopping, amusive days retired and much
  • Interest-free loans to bargain a motorcycle oregon a play summons
  • Sports and societal activities
  • Working successful an award-winning situation and civilization
  • Professional development, coaching, mentoring and vocation progression opportunities.

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