Lead RF Engineer

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We are presently moving with an breathtaking startup institution successful Odense, actively seeking a Lead RF Engineer to enactment with their RF domain improvement efforts and articulation their dynamic squad successful their ngo to make an autonomous airborne trial and measurement solution. This innovative solution aims to supply precise diagnostics and monitoring of the vigor spectrum anyplace successful the world.

As the Lead RF Engineer successful this role, you volition spearhead the method improvement of their caller drone payloads portion besides contributing to the wide merchandise architecture. The situation lies successful designing a lightweight and versatile solution, which presents breathtaking opportunities for creativity. To tackle these challenges, you volition beryllium expected to person a profound knowing of designing RF systems and beryllium unfastened to exploring caller technologies and their integration into the wide solution.

Your superior work arsenic the Lead RF Engineer volition beryllium to pb and oversee the improvement of RF technology. This volition encompass the following:

  • Leading the design, testing, qualification, and improvement of the vigor subsystem wrong the drone payload, some connected a constituent and circuitry level.
  • Evaluating RF plan options, including Software-Defined Radios (SDRs), passive RF components, antennas, etc., crossed a wide frequence scope from VHF to EHF.
  • Collaborating with bundle and hardware teams to behaviour benchmarking and trade-off investigation connected designs and bundle applications.
  • Preparing and reviewing exertion roadmaps, plan documents, and making economical plan trade-offs.
  • Proactively identifying high-risk aspects successful the merchandise plan timeline and defining businesslike mitigation processes aboriginal successful the plan phase.
  • Designing and benchmarking aboriginal prototypes.
  • Assisting successful identifying the close resources, specified arsenic components, caller hires, consultants, etc., to execute the task goals.

To excel successful this relation arsenic a Lead RF Engineer, you should person the pursuing qualifications and skills:

  • Experience successful designing RF systems, microwave components, and circuits.
  • An acquisition inheritance successful Electrical Engineering, Telecommunications, RF Engineering, oregon related fields.
  • A beardown knowing and passionateness for vigor engineering principles, parts, processes, and standards.
  • Familiarity with the hardware-based requirements of SDRs, including FPGA size, speed, interior timepiece stability, I/O interfaces, gains, and awesome filtering wrong the SDR.
  • Experience successful antenna trial and measurement, radiation patterns, and antenna tracking is preferred but not essential.
  • Any acquisition with method enactment involving drones is advantageous.
  • Fluency successful English (both oral and written) arsenic it is the superior connection of their company.
  • Eligibility for information clearance with the Danish defense.

The relation whitethorn necessitate astir 20-30 days of question per year.

If you judge you person the indispensable expertise and enthusiasm for this challenging accidental arsenic a Lead RF Engineer, delight interaction Zac Taylor