Lead / Senior Software Engineer

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Server-side oregon afloat stack improvement for precocious AI tools

In this pb oregon elder relation make the halfway web tech powering the latest AI tools for innovators. Building connected your existing Python / Django skills and perchance React / Vue, moving alongside AI engineers volition let you to turn your skillset into this field.

This mid-sized institution person been uniquely gathering astir NLP and ML exertion for years and the latest advances person proven and enhanced their offering. Their smart, relaxed method squad span Cambridge, London and Europe. They support the pioneering innovation of a startup whilst having an established lawsuit base, beardown way grounds and a lean, switched-on absorption style.

Your CV volition demonstrate:
   •      Significant Python, ideally Django, bundle engineering of modern app backends.
   •      Minimally SQL database skills, ideally ElasticSearch oregon different NoSQL, and Redis.
   •      An appreciation of modern commercialized bundle improvement practices.
   •      A bully grade successful a method taxable and beardown A-levels oregon equivalent.

Ideally you volition besides person worked with modern JavaScript frameworks specified arsenic Vue oregon React arsenic good arsenic D3.js. You whitethorn beryllium backmost extremity oregon afloat stack developer. If you person an involvement successful method leadership, and/or person anterior experience, that is simply a plus. AWS / Azure and instrumentality acquisition is beneficial. Hybrid enactment 2-3 days per week from Cambridge oregon London.

Keywords: Python, Django, React, Vue, JavaScript, TypeScript, D3.js, SQL, NoSQL, ElasticSearch, Redis, backmost end, afloat stack, AWS, Azure, Docker, Kubernetes, NLP, AI, ML, earthy connection processing, artificial intelligence, instrumentality learning.

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