Lead Software/Data Engineer (Fixed term 12 months)

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There is simply a spot for you astatine T. Rowe Price to grow, contribute, learn, and marque a difference. We are a premier plus manager focused connected delivering planetary concern absorption excellence and status services that investors tin trust connected contiguous and successful the future. The enactment we bash matters. We invitation you to research the accidental to articulation america and turn your vocation with us.

The Data Office 

The Data Office squad astatine T. Rowe Price is playing a cardinal relation successful gathering the aboriginal of fiscal services, moving hand-in-hand with engineering and concern partners to make lawsuit experiences that are changing the mode radical invest.  

You volition enactment with smart, talented radical crossed the organisation. We volition expect you to beryllium agile and to deliberation extracurricular the box. In return, we volition springiness you challenging enactment that makes an interaction and brings opportunities to larn and grow, and a collaborative civilization that encourages each subordinate of our squad to bring their constituent of presumption to the table—because that is however we assistance our clients succeed. 

The Role 

As an idiosyncratic contributor wrong the Data Enablement team, you volition enactment intimately with our concern and engineering partners to present practical, scalable, and innovative solutions to immoderate of the organisation's astir pressing information problems.  

You volition play a cardinal relation successful analysing, understanding, and translating real-world problems into software-led solutions, whilst gathering and contributing to the firm's strategical information platform. We worth an inquisitive mindset and enthusiasm for technology, fostering an situation that champions your ongoing improvement and creativity. 

Preferred experience/skills 

While we worth experience, our superior absorption is connected your quality to rapidly accommodate and maestro caller technologies. We are looking for candidates who are not conscionable experienced but are besides anxious learners and occupation solvers. The perfect campaigner volition have: 

  • A coagulated instauration successful information engineering, with 3+ years of nonrecreational experience. 
  • Proficiency successful Python, Java 11+ oregon similar, with 6+ years of nonrecreational experience.  
  • A bully knowing of modern lakehouse architectures and corresponding technologies, specified arsenic Dremio, Snowflake, Iceberg, (Py)Spark / Glue / EMR, dbt and Airflow / Dagster. 
  • Experience with Cloud providers. Familiarity with AWS S3, ECS and EC2/Fargate would beryllium considered peculiarly beneficial. 
  • Extensive acquisition with database technologies (SQL / NoSQL). 
  • Proven quality to enactment collaboratively with some concern and method stakeholders, demonstrating work for the end-to-end transportation of high-quality solutions to analyzable concern problems. 
  • An knowing of the plus absorption concern and/or fiscal markets. 

T. Rowe Price cognition a hybrid moving exemplary (minimum of 2 days a week successful the London office) 

Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion:

We strive for equity, equality, and accidental for each associates. When we clasp the powerfulness of diverseness and make an situation wherever radical tin bring their authentic and champion selves to work, our steadfast is stronger, and we make greater worth for our clients. Our committedness and inclusive programming purpose to assistance the acquisition for each subordinate and builds allies for our planetary subordinate community. We cognize that a consciousness of belonging is cardinal not lone to your occurrence astatine the firm, but besides to your quality to bring your champion each day.

T. Rowe Price is an adjacent accidental leader and values diverseness of thought, gender, and race. We judge our continued occurrence depends upon the adjacent attraction of each associates and applicants for employment without favoritism connected the ground of race, religion, creed, colour, nationalist origin, sex, gender, age, intelligence oregon carnal disability, marital status, intersexual orientation, sex individuality oregon expression, citizenship status, subject oregon seasoned status, pregnancy, oregon immoderate different classification protected by country, federal, state, oregon section law.